7 Mar 2009

Robin's doll

Happy weekend to you.

It's a long weekend here, Monday is a holiday.

The weather has abruptly changed to cool with soft sunny days.

Thoughts are turning from
cool drinks to hot chocolate,
from bushfire worry to snuggly woodstove fires,
from summer dress sewing to winter cardigan knitting...

Happy weekend to you.

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  1. Hello,
    first i wish you to good days.. What a nice music... Very romantisch... The things what u have made is wonderfull...
    bye... medinem.

  2. we're just approaching spring here ... and i bought summer shoes today! ; ) after hearing all about your summer, i can't wait to have ours! enjoy your firesides ... i'm ready to be outdoors!

  3. I've started knitting too, the first cool day we had the needles were clicking. Dolly's cardigan is lovely, very pretty colour.

  4. The little doll's expression says much, if only we could hear what she says! Lovely

  5. Love the sweet doll ♥
    I also love the change from summer to autumn. It's my favorite...


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