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3 Mar 2009

from " The Creda Housecraft Manual" 1958

"Planning a Meal

A good housekeeper never completely plans her shopping for a meal. She has a rough menu in mind and changes it according to what looks best in the shops. She thinks something this way: ' It's a cold day. It would be nice to start with some soup, and I've plenty of stock. I wonder what vegetables are good? Then they might enjoy a pie - veal and ham? - steak? - rabbit? I must see what the butcher's got. And something fruity to follow, something not too stodgy. A flan? No, certainly not; they can't have pastry twice in one meal. Tinned peaches? oh dear, how dull! A lemon souffle - just the thing. What's the price of eggs?' and so on. That way good and inexpensive meals are concocted."

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  1. I grew up in the 50s, no wonder that's how I shop!

  2. I don't know what to have for dinner with all these options!

  3. We go to the market once a week and plan our meals around what is in season (and cheap). Much better than buying fruit and veg from overseas that isn't in season here.

  4. I love the second picture. Is it from a book or is it a painting? I'd love to know where you got the image.

  5. For the past month, "shopping" included simply looking into my freezer and pantry. With a new baby, we literally don't have time for grocery shopping - and somehow we still have very good meals while saving money!

  6. I love it, though I can see myself whipping up a lemon souffle for a family meal; lemon delicious pudding maybe...



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