26 Mar 2009


The chestnuts have started to fall.

It always reminds me of when the boys were small - the hours we used to spend down the lane at the end of the street collecting baskets of chestnuts, Andy, just a little tacker and Louis, a kindergarten boy. And even before then , just Louis, so intent and deliberate as he collected his treasures.
And then what do you do with them, the endless baskets of nuts, these are horse chestnuts , not for eating.
But they became drivers of little cars and trains, they were boats in the bath and delicious cakes and pies at special afternoon celebrations washed down with little china cups of tea.

They were lined up in order of size, they were sorted by shininess, they were carefully fitted back into their spiky safe beds.

In later years the boys wandered alone up along the street and round the corner into the tree-lined shortcut to the shops, bags and bags were collected brought home and drilled through with an old hand powered drill and threaded with string ready for a game of conkers.
By this time Kate was helping and using the leftover conkers to make nut soup.
A walk to the shops took twice as long as every available pocket and bag was filled with as many chestnuts as mum would allow.
The nature table was decorated with the glorious shiny bounty along side the acorns and gumnuts.

At the end of winter so many were tossed into the garden.
Some ended up in the compost heap where one sprouted and now a chestnut tree is growing at the bottom of the garden

You know I can't walk past the chestnuts as I go to the shops without collecting just a few and instantly being transported back down the years to see my little boys and my sweet Kate so excitedly collecting these lovely autumn gifts so shiny smooth and special.

Poppy investigating the chestnuts

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  1. Oh yes, the joy of conkers. I still have a little brown conker in my peg bag, rattling around amongst the pegs, hidden in there by little hands, many moons ago.

  2. Good evening Jenny
    It must have something to do with Autumn, the memories seem to linger at this time of year.
    When our son was about 7 years old he use to collect acorns from a tree in our street in a little beach bucket, then bring them home & scatter them around the garden. One day he found a tiny oak growing and transplanted it into a pot, then when it was big enough our son & my Dad planted it in our backyard. Our son turns 21 next month and the oak stands tall in our backyard. It's lovely to cast our mind back and remember those moments.
    from Jenny McH

  3. Memories, of being with my mum and requesting mum to drive home through the avenue of horse chestnut trees. Finding and playing conkers at school.

    Seeing hot horse chestnut street vendors on the streets in Rome.

    Yes memories.


  4. Oh, please excuse my silly question:
    For now you fall from the chestnut tree?
    In the spring?

    I am by chance on this very beautiful pages.
    It is beautiful here.
    Your dolls are very, very cute.

    If you like, then visit me look on my pages: http://www.filzlotte.de
    I look forward to your visit, Jenny.

    Many greetings from rainy Hannover

  5. Beautiful post Jenny! Autumn is my favourite time of year. The weather here (NSW) has been beautiful.
    Love your blog and beautiful dolls.
    Take care & God bless

  6. It's funny how memories can transport you back in time. For some reasons chestnuts make me think of the old oak tree near my grandmothers - Thanks for transporting me back there if only for a minute - It seems like an eternity ago - Thanks Jenny

  7. What sweet memories. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hello Jenny,

    I am back from my blogging break and wanted to stop by to visit your lovely blog. I hope all is well with you. Spring is almost here for us and I can't wait to get out in my gardens! :-)

    Amy (Simple Folk)


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