baking day

16 Mar 2009

Just picked, in the rain.

I spent the better part of today, in the kitchen, baking.

Not my normal Monday but then it seems that it doesn't normally rain on Monday either.
It doesn't normally rain any day but this weekend , Saturday, Sunday and now Monday, we have had buckets and buckets of wonderful rain.

So the washing that didn't get done on Saturday, didn't get done today either.

We started the day with a delicious warm fire in the kitchen wood heater and I have hardly left the room since.

an afternoon of baking

I tried out a new fruit loaf recipe, searching for the ultimate recipe in readiness for hot cross buns in a couple of weeks at Easter.
I tried the recipe from the River Cottage Family Cookbook and it's pretty good, two eggs in it so it has a very dense texture and with our own little googy eggs in it the soft yellow colour of the loaf is very pretty.
I think it will be yummy toasted too if there is any left tomorrow.

I used their white bread recipe too to make a cottage loaf to eat with the pumpkin soup I made for dinner.

I rounded off the session with a simple one step chocolate cake and some melt and mix shortbread.

And I finally put the latest brew of ginger beer into the keg until I get some new caps for our collection of half pint bottles.
Andy refuses to bottle the ginger beer in anything else.

So, with the cooler weather and probably a little late with my planning , but I've started going through and making lists of what needs to be made for winter, what needs to be replaced and so on - a useful thing to ponder while waiting for bread and cakes to cook.
Kate and I both need new cardigans, mine seem to have all gone through at the elbows and hers are just too small.
A very handy thing, a cardigan.

Oh and speaking of ginger beer.
A long time ago someone, sorry I can't remember who, asked for my ginger beer recipe.
Here is a link to the recipe I used this year.
I normally don't add yeast and have no trouble getting a good brew but our early batches this year were a bit iffy so I have now moved on to a yeasted recipe.

raisin loaf and cottage loaf

10 Responses to “baking day”

  1. Yesterday ended up being the day to bake for us. Dh was off on a rare work thing and it poured here too. Baking just seemed to be the thing to do!

    I come from a long line of ginger beer lovers and seem to have bred it into my own children as well. My Mum has a marvellous 12 hour recipe that rarely ever fails.

  2. Ah, I love when it rains and rains. Baking is also my favorite thing to do on those days...add the fire and it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!

  3. So inspiring...I cant cook but yes I can make bread...and the lovely smell of fresh baked bread hummm lovely..thanks for the recipe for ginger beer.

  4. Mmm your baking always looks so yummy! How I miss baking! With a newborn and spring cleaning going on, there's very little time for "extras".

  5. Baking is the perfect occupation on cool, rainy days. Hope your day is wonderful! :)

  6. Hot Cross Buns are a favorite here also! Your photos and descriptions are mouth-watering :o)

  7. It is nice to read about your kitchen fire again. How do you make your one step chocolate cake?

  8. Can I come and live at your house?

  9. Thankyou for the ginger beer recipe, it is so timely! My husband just started a brew on the weekend but its not working, same thing for the last couple of batches. I'll show him this recipe and we'll hopefully have some luck with it.

  10. Hi Jen,your bread looks so yummy,we have been getting cold rain for the past week here,I loved catching up on your blog. I always enjoy my visit with you.........



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