17 Feb 2009

Homemaking book, 1958

Where did the day go?

I meant to come back earlier to have a chat but I got too involved in other things.

This book arrived in the post today.
A little ebay purchase, a 1958 homemaking book.
It is mostly recipes and menu suggestions but there are also chapters on housekeeping and laundry, flower arranging and so on.
It was put out by an electrical appliance company I think but seems to be more than just an advertising book.
Marguerite Patten ( who amongst many other things was a consultant for the 1940s House) and Constance Spry are two of the authors.

Anyway I haven't had much time today to look it over - maybe tomorrow.


Do you realise for the first time since Louis finished school in November 2007 I am alone in the house?
There has been the odd week here and there but mostly since that time someone or other has been at home with me, either Louis when he was between jobs , Kate and Andy on school holidays,Stephen on holidays, various people sick or injured at various times ... always someone else at home, or so it seemed.

Homemaking book, 1958

So I have been busy moving into a new rhythm, revelling in my new found freedom to organise my time any way I please, sometimes feeling just a little lonely but mostly content.

Don't you just love all these gorgeous illustrations on the cover of this book?

Homemaking book, 1958

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  1. What a treat to find this entry when I woke up this morning!

    Beautiful pictures and words.

  2. Jenny,

    What a treasure of a book.

    Enjoy this time of change and 'freedom', life is never static, change will come again and again...but I know what you mean...finding a new rhythm is quite delightful, setting a new pace and routine and anticipating new goals...an 'at home' life is never ever boring.

    Always find the joy,

    Sandie in Oz

  3. Hi Jenny, that looks like a lovely little book. The first cook book I ever bought was the Constance Fry Cookery Book and it was a great revelation to me.

  4. Gee, how fun to come across your lovely blog! I will pop back again soon, x ps love the book

  5. Oops...just posted my comment on the wrong post. I meant to post here and say I just love the illustrations on that cover. What a great find!


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