24 Feb 2009


We are having a bad case of " internet connection disappearus " around here so while I am able I will post these pictures of a few recent dollies.


There are more to come , as and when I can.

cousin 1 and cousin 2, one in North Carolina and one in Michigan

I also have dolls to put in the shop but they have been swallowed up into the ether a couple of times when the internet disappears so a shop update will happen when it happens.

cousin 1 and her baby sister

All these little ones are on their way to their new homes.

( more pictures at my Flickr place)

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  1. So, so adorable, Jenny!

  2. Jenny, they are looking so very cute. Especially the little blonde girl - she looks very Swedish...
    I will spend the evening crocheting wigs - which is (as you know) not the work I would say is my favourite ;-)
    Warm thoughts from cold Sweden, Juliane

  3. These are so cute Jenny. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. I love your dolls Jenny, they are so precious. I find it amazing that even if the same pattern is used, dolls will always look different- they have their own personality. Even dolls made by different dollmakers have a different "feel." Does that make sense?

  5. All so adorable, little jenny wren. You are a *marvel* in that you're able to part with them. I hope you're doing well with all the recent changes (of life which affect the heart). I'm enjoying a quiet morning. All the guys are off and away to their various jobs. The gals and I, and Chubb, are busy doing the things of everyday, here at home-with the little ones. We just had friends come and stay for several days and nights. Full and busy days and late nights filled with fun. I didn't know I *could* still stay up so late, granny that I am and all ;o) Lots of snow everyday. Still cold. So beautiful. The sun is shining brightly this morning. Happy feels for that ;o) Sending love and a hug ((JAM))


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