10 Feb 2009


This week is all about saying goodbye to the freedoms of summer holidays and hello to new beginnings.

Andy is beginning his last two years of school, two years of exams and subjects especially chosen to lead him towards whatever University course he decides on.
Lots of hard work ahead.

Tomorrow Kate begins Grade 6, the last year of primary school and a time to take on more responsibilities at school.
She can hardly wait.
She has her bag packed already.

On Friday ( or maybe Saturday) Louis leaves home to go away to university in Hobart, to share a house with a few friends and learn how to live a life independent of his family.
Big times.

For Stephen and me it will be a time of adjustment.
Our dear first born child will no longer be a part of our day to day life.
I can't imagine how it is going to feel.

I remember when I left home I felt that awful gnawing homesickness but I felt such excitement to be off exploring life, meeting new people, finding out all kinds of things about myself.

So big times in the Marshall household.


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  1. Jenny I felt so much raw emotion when I read your post. I was only thinking of you yesterday wondering how you were feeling about the big change that will be happening in your house this year. It will be a period of adjustment for all of you.
    Take care
    cheers Lenny

  2. It is a big time for you Jenny, something you may feel for two or so years, but to a lesser degree each day.

    Here I am three years later, and very pleased.

    We were not too worried about the hole left, that seems to take care of itself, but feeling like they are still our responsibility, I felt like I had abandoned him the first day. It was four hours away but we rang each day, then down to two days etc. how ever long it takes. Sometimes had a map near the phone for when he got lost. We stayed nearby the first night and brought things he had forgotten the next morning then said goodbye.

  3. I'm not sure how different the experience would be from living alone on campus to living with a group of friends for us Mums.

  4. I will be thinking of you all this weekend when Louis leaves for University. Like you I remember when I left for Uni and I think it is different to be the one doing the leaving rather than the ones who have been left.

    I am about six months behind you and it seems likely that I will be going through the same process next September/October. I'm not sure how I will feel.

    All the best to Louis, hope he really enjoys his university years.

  5. A new season in your family...it is so strange, and a bit lonely when one leaves the nest. sigh.

  6. Best wishes and hopes for your son and family as he makes his first steps toward his future! I know we will face this someday soon, but a little delayed because of special needs for our children, but my heart is excited and cautious at the same time for this huge step.

    I am also sending many prayers for all concerning the wildfires in your country♥

  7. Exciting times for you and your family, Jenny. It's wonderful knowing that you've done your best to prepare them to leave home while knowing that they will return as often as possible.

    Hugs to you.

  8. What a time for you and your family, Jenny. My relationship with my mother changed a lot when I left home to marry my sweetheart - I think missing each other made us even better friends.

  9. It is so hard when our babies, sniff sniff, have to grow up. My youngest is now 5 and is a big boy of course, although I still get a bit of babying in, and my oldest is 17 and I can not even think about him moving on yet. Sigh.... time it flies.


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