25 Feb 2009

work table

So my life has fallen into a happy rhythm of housework, garden, laundry, shopping , cooking , dolls and reading plus of course and always , my family ( and other animals).

Shopping basket

The shockingly disorganised, unknown and complicated early weeks of the school year are over.
We all know what we are doing and when.
Deep sigh.

The trauma of Louis leaving has settled into a funny state of expecting him home for tea and he's not there and thinking of something to say to him and having to wait until we talk on the phone, he is missed at the dinner table , his voice of reason is missed when Andy and Stephen disagree. But he is happy at Uni, his classes are interesting and the boys seem to be coping OK in their student house.

homeless bits and pieces

Our bedroom is still in the throws of being painted and gussied up.
There have been long pauses as other things have taken precedence.
Bits and pieces that usually live in that room have settled all over the house - will they have find their real home again???

Kate's rose

We have had a little rain but the garden is still dry.
The tomatoes are slow to ripen and always look thirsty.
Kate's rose blooms so beautifully and has truly settled into the garden even though the summer has been harsh.


I'm really into a good groove with my dollmaking.
I feel I can really concentrate on and relax into what I am doing now and don't feel torn between the items on the long list of should-be-doings for the start of the school year.
It's a good place to be.
I feel I'm here and no longer scattered.


This morning I had a wonderful "chat" with a true kindred spirit far away in the cold northern hemisphere, what a wonderful thing this internet business is, letting friendships begin that in years past would have been unthinkable and yet, when we had no internet on Monday the peace in the house when that possibility of contact was taken away was magical.

It's all about balance isn't it.
Breathing out and breathing in,
busy and slow,
thinking and dreaming,
activity and stillness,
connection and isolation,
so many possibilities, letting things happen in their own good time.

house pixie

This little doll, only 8" tall was put in the shop today.
She has been waiting , patiently for the bloomers that go with her little dress and for her photo session.
She was barely in the shop an hour when sweet Becky bought her.
A perfect match I think.
A balance - I'm sorry to see her go, I'm happy she is going to a friend.

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  1. What a lovely post. Lots of comforting things to look at and gorgeous colours too. Your little doll is sweet! I wish I had your peace & calm, x

  2. Our school year doesn't seem to have settled yet, but the Year 12 study is getting easier for our son, so that is a start, I guess we were concentrating on that first.

  3. My son went to Hobart uni, from Devonport, but insisted on living on his own. I worried about him for four years. But it gets better.

  4. My tomatoes are in the same boat. We picked one before a bug could get to it and are waiting for it to ripen on the window sill.

    Oh, it is hard to feel the gap of one you miss.

  5. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your post this morning with my cup of tea. Your photos are all about the simple things of home...so comfy and cozy. Your post is so filled with serenity today...just lovely. Also, wanted to tell you...you create the most delightfully charming dolls!

  6. Your dolls are so beautiful, how did you learn to sew them and where do you get the patterns for their wonderful clothes?

  7. Paula, I learned to make the dolls more than ten years ago, first at a Steiner/waldorf playgroup and then I took a couple of classes with a visiting teacher. Since then I have developed my own patterns and methods of making the dolls. The clothes are a combination of things I have designed and vintage patterns . Most of the knitwear I design as I am knitting for each particular doll.

  8. Hello from Idaho!

    It's so nice to see summer, albeit "virtually"!

    Such fun and lovely dolls; thanks for bringing joy into the world.



  9. Thank you Jenny, I promise to love and cherish her♥

  10. Thanks for the sharing, of your home, your life, and your heart.
    Love you, Jewels


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