8 Feb 2009

Please spare a thought and a prayer for those affected by the horror of the bushfires in Victoria and beyond.

It is 42 years since the Black Tuesday fires in Tasmania.
I was 7 going on 8 and we were asked to bring to school any toys, clothes and blankets that we could spare to give to those who lost everything in those dreadful fires.

It's 26 years since the awful Ash Wednesday fires in Victoria and South Australia when I sat at work in one of the out buildings at Caulfield Hospital and thought the world was coming to an end when the sun was blocked out by the dust and smoke blowing in to Melbourne from the fires.

I thank God that I have never experienced the horror of bushfire first hand but I have seen the aftermath.
I can't imagine how it might feel to face a wildfire racing wildly towards my loved ones and my home.
It is all so terribly sad and so so awful.

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  1. Yes, my thoughts and prayers go to all those affected by the terrible bushfires and to the firefighters etc. who are working so hard to try and contain these fires. Angela

  2. How terrible. We are praying.

  3. I will be praying...it's so sad.

  4. Though we are here in Southern California, we have been closely following the news coming out--especially my DH who is a proud Aussie! We are so saddened for those towns and families that are suffering so terribly right now and our hearts and prayers are with them!

  5. I too have been watching the news about the fires in Victoria and around. I will continue to pray and think of those that are grieving right now.

    Lots of love,

  6. Such unbelivable devastation & loss of lives.It has been such an emotional weekend watching the news reports. (and that is sitting in the comfort of my home, what must the people who having been thru the horror be feeling) To hear of our favourite towns being under attack by the wildfires...Marysville gone! We often over the years have driven there for lunch & a walk and I have stayed in one of the old guesthouses with my patchwork group. And as I write this other towns are facing the still racing fires, may they all stay safe. My thoughts & prayers are with the people that have lost their loved ones, and the many badly burned people in our major Melbourne hospitals, and to the courageous firefighters & police force.

  7. I though I comented on this earlier, but it must've ate what I wanted to say.

    Just to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Victoria. Such a terrible thing. If I can offer any practical support from so far away, I will.



  8. *a horrible ache in my heart*

    Praying for everyone in Australia.



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