paper dolls , part 1

27 Feb 2009

Dolly Darlings, vintage paper dolls, 1966

I thought I would share one of my paper doll sets with you.
Some time ago I discovered a bag full of mt old paper dolls from the 1960s .
Well, they belonged to my sister and me but she is happy for me to have them and as she is MRS DECLUTTERER I think they are safer with me.
I promised to share them with you long ago but until now I haven't taken then time to go through them.
I have only just begun and I will share more with you as I can.

Dolly Darlings

I think these dolls date from 1966 so I would have been 6 or 7 when I got them, my sister would have been 3 or 4 so I'm guessing I didn't let her anywhere near them for quite a while.
The dolls and all their clothes had to be carefully cut out and I would think many winter's afternoons were taken doing all this time consuming but exciting cutting.

Dolly Darlings

Some of the clothes are missing, they could be in with other doll sets.
I kept all their clothes in carefully labelled envelopes and I have also written on the back which clothes fit which doll even though they have colour coded tags.
Some clothes did fit more then one doll.


The tape on necks and ankles are running repairs as these were the most fragile parts of the doll and with play tended to weaken and make the doll flop.
Don't you think the boy doll looks a lot like Disney's Peter Pan?

Dolly Darling - Shary

Shary seems to have most of her clothes, she was a favourite.

Dolly Darling - Karen

I always loved that dressing gown

Dolly Darling - Cathy

I had no idea until recently that these paper dolls were based on real dolls from the sixties.
If you look at Susannah's Dolly Darling set you can see the dolls and the full paper doll set of clothes.
I also found Cathy in her party dress for sale on etsy.

Dolly darling - Susie

Dolly Darling - Beth

So , there's a little bit of vintage loveliness to enjoy with your morning coffee.

12 Responses to “paper dolls , part 1”

  1. Hi jenny, they're fantastic! I never had paper dolls although I always wanted some!

  2. Oh my I was in love with paper dolls. Mine came to me in the early 50s (antiques I guess) and I dearly loved playing with them. I remember carefully spending hours and hours cutting them out as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had paper dolls that were cut from wrapping paper - I think it was the birthday that I was seven? They had tape on their knees and ankles too LOL Mine were kind of "holly hobby" ish. Wee Wonderfuls had a free downloadable set of paper dolls recently. Tried them with my daughter but she lost interest quickly - not sure if that is an age thing (she's 4) or a generation thing?!

  4. Jenny,

    Once again, thanks for the memories! I too loved my paper dolls back in the 60s.

    I hand made one each for my girls when they were little, using card board cut outs for the bodies and wrapping paper cut outs for the clothes. These were a great Sunday afternoon craft for a while. Unlike me, they kept these little dolls in their keepsake boxes. The girls will be 21 this May.

    I so enjoy all your vintage finds and I am glad you have kept so many past treasures.

    Sandie in Oz

  5. These brought back fond memories, Jenni. I loved paper dolls when I was growing up! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  6. Gosh, this takes me back!!!!!

    Love reading your blog and getting inspired.

  7. Wow, you kept them so well all those years! I had paper dolls too but I didn't cherish them like you did, I only kept them for a little while, but I did enjoy sitting cutting them out on rainy afternoons.

    I was a bit of a tomboy and preferred making rope-swings and treehouses!

  8. They are gorgeous, I love the clothes that came with them. I think I would have liked Shary too. My cousin and I spend many a happy hour playing with paper dolls in the 70s. I had a set called "The Ginghams" that I loved.
    Thankyou for taking me back to a lovely time :)

  9. there i am, in turquoise!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ... don't they make clothes like this for regular people anymore? they're darling, simply darling!! this is how i do dress most of the time, when i can find the clothes.

  10. Good to know they are in good hands - they are so beautiful! x

  11. Jenny, what a lovely blog! I adored paper dolls and still have some also. Thank you for sharing and inspiring lovely memories. Blessings.

  12. Wow- I have the little Cathy doll! I bought her when I was a child in the 1980s, at an antique store in Nova Scotia. I forgot all about her until I saw this post. I love your blog, by the way, and adore your dolls.


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