One More Day in My Life

14 Feb 2009


So this is the last in the Day in My life series of posts, 14th of the month, every month since March last year.
For once I wasn't the first one up this morning.
Although Stephen didn't get home from Hobart until midnight last night he was up at the crack of dawn checking out all sorts of bits and pieces on the computer.

I made myself a cup of tea and for some reason started reading A Few Oranges and No Eggs once again.
I guess normally I would go on to the computer to look at my emails and check out a few blogs but it was very pleasant quietly reading instead.


Around 7.30 I woke Andy to get up and ready for cricket then headed down to feed and water the chooks.
It was already a gorgeous day , such a blue blue sky.

After breakfast and a shower, I made the bed, did the washing up and did a general tidy.
The vegie garden needed to be watered and I had to bring in the dry washing so that the sprinkler didn't wet it.
I collected up all the dirty clothes, school uniforms again after a couple of months vacation, and put a load of washing on.


Andy and Stephen had by now left for cricket and really although it was only 9.30 I was ready for another cup of tea.

We did a switch around of mattresses , Kate now has Louis' very good mattress on her bed and his vacant bed has the one with the poking springs .

I tidied around Louis' bed and covered it with his old quilt, put away all the papers and bits and pieces he had left lying around.
It is a long time since it has all looked so tidy.


I hung out the washing and checked out the strawberry patch.
Charlie the duck pilfers the ripe strawberries whenever she gets the chance, it's human against a very cunning bird.
The bird usually wins.

Stephen arrived home late morning to take Kate to her fortnightly horseriding lesson and I headed off with my grannie trolley to get a few groceries.

Home to lunch, a ham salad roll and some greengages.
Kate and Stephen arrived home too.
After lunch I was reading a little while I finished my drink when I had an over whelming urge to have a little nap.

I slept so soundly, I was exhausted, from the emotional and physical stresses of the week I guess.
All that running around looking for this and that for Louis and checking and double checking that we had done everything.
What a week.

apricot jam

Once I finally woke up I got myself organised and bottled the apricot jam I made earlier in the week.
I gave myself an energy boost with a sparkling glass of homemade ginger beer.

homemade gingerbeer

Mum rang to see how we were all coping "sans Louis"

Washed up all my mess and started thinking about what I needed to do for dinner.
We had chicken with whatever I could find in the garden and in the vegetable drawer of the fridge all cooked together in the pan with a bit of this and a bit of that and served with noodles.

For dessert I made a free form tart filled with greengages and peaches from the garden and helped along by a big blob of whipped cream.

We all watched "New Tricks" then I rang Louis to say Hello.
We all had a chat , he seems just fine.
I have put the rooster in his box, brought in the last of the washing and now I'm chatting with you.

Kate is calling for a good night kiss so I'm off.
I'll catch up with everyone else's day later.

white peach and greengage plums

15 Responses to “One More Day in My Life”

  1. Too bad it's the last Day in My Life, I enjoy reading them.

  2. Can it really be almost a year of Day In My Life? Where has the time gone? It was a great idea and I have enjoyed reading all your posts. It is so good to look at beautiful sunny pics instead of the cold greyness outside my window! :)

  3. Your pictures of the bright outdoors was a welcome sight to my eyes weary with winter grey overcast skies. Thanks. My day in my life post will come when it's Sunday your time. I'm in Alaska and I think I'm 20 or 21 hours behind you. Oh, making my own ginger beer and root beer have been on my learn to make list for sometime is it hard to do?

  4. Hi
    I've just put up my last a day in the life post.

    I'm watching & learning from you as your kids leave the nest - SOB!

    Love Leanne NZ

  5. What a sweet idea! I love it. Love your pictures too! And what a cute son you have. :)

  6. Really lovely photo's. You have been very busy with homemaking...

  7. I've posted my day. Thanks for hosting!


  8. I love this idea, and have tried to post my own "day in my life" but I keep missing the day! Do you have any plans to continue this?

  9. Oh please do continue it! I love reading the posts of all involved in it. To share every day life is so interesting.

  10. Late to the party as usual, but did finally get my post up. Really enjoyed reading about everyone's day all year, even when I could not get it together to write a post. Hoping you are busy this week and not too terribly sad missing one of your nestlings, although I expect it will be quite a change. Cannot believe it is not too long around the corner for us either.

  11. Over the past year, I've enjoyed reading your "ADIML" posts. Now that I've actually done one, I think I might do more, even though you have finished your year.
    Thank you for the inspiring post, and the beautiful pictures.

  12. I am so thankful to be able to read your post today. My soon-to-be 2 year old was nestled in my lap, I was enjoying her sweet little wiggly self (she's my fifth/last?), listening to Josh Grobin, and sobbing as I read about your oldest going away to school. God's peace be with you, dear Little Jenny Wren, and thank you for sharing simple things so beautifully with us.


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