Leaving home and A Day in My Life list

13 Feb 2009


My dear boy is on his way.


He has taken everything he could think of but no doubt something has been forgotten


He didn't forget the tin of choc chip biscuits I made for him this morning which is a nuisance because I really feel like one right now.

Tomorrow is the 14th so it is time for A Day in My Life, in fact it will be the last one as it is now 12 months since it all began.
If you want to join in just leave your name in the comments section of today's post and I'll add you to the list


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37 Responses to “Leaving home and A Day in My Life list”

  1. Oh Jenny. How are you feeling? I am sure he will be fine but as a Mother we worry about them constantly don't we. I hope you are coping ok.


  2. Wow, I forget they can take themselves. Our son didn't have a car when he went to uni. What a strange feeling. I am glad you were able to send him with some home cooking.

  3. Hi Jules, I actually feel fine. Louis has matured so much over the past 16 months since he finished school. The 12 months of working was such a good experience for him. He is ready for this great adventure and I feel excited and happy for him. I must say Stephen is not feeling quite so chipper, so I hope he will be OK

  4. Hi Linda, Louis doesn't have a car either. He has bought himself a super dooper bike that is a bicycle. Stephen is driving him down today.

  5. Next fall (in America) I will be heading off too... and I wonder how it will feel for me, and for my mother.

    Thank you for your inspiring blog, I check it daily.


  6. Jenny, I'm sure it feels like a few breaths ago he was playing lego on the floor, and asking for help on the swings.

    Thinking of you. As the mum of 3 little boys, I'm looking down the barrel of saying goodbye myself...but I've got about 10 years to prepare!

    So tonight as I whisper, "you're my moon, my stars, my sun, my joy, you're my darling little boy"....I'll think of you.

    Lisa x

  7. Jenny, I'm sure it feels like a few breaths ago he was playing lego on the floor, and asking for help on the swings.

    Thinking of you. As the mum of 3 little boys, I'm looking down the barrel of saying goodbye myself...but I've got about 10 years to prepare!

    So tonight as I whisper, "you're my moon, my stars, my sun, my joy, you're my darling little boy"....I'll think of you.

    Lisa x

    p.s. I'll keep a journal tomorrow for the last A Day in My Life xxxx

  8. I will participate. I'm sorry it's going to be over. I have enjoyed it, even though I always seem to be a day late and a $ short...

  9. So your boy is leaving. My last boy left last summer, and things are quite a bit different around here now. I wonder if you would mind explaining how your schedules work down there in NZ? I know your seasons are the opposite of ours in the US...are your school schedules the opposite as well?

  10. What an exciting time for him. You've prepared him well.

  11. Hi Jenny,

    I'll be joining again. Can't believe we've been doing this for a year. You are going to keep it going?


  12. My son lefted in August for college 2,500 miles away, he's in Colorado and we're in Alaska. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. We talk on facebook and I focus more on my homemaking and learning new skills and crafts to keep myself from pineing away for him. Your blog has helped because your creativity is so encouraging.I will most likely never made dolls like you, but they are so cute, their pictures brighten my day.
    My daughter is Laura who also commented here, now when she goes 5,ooo miles away to New York for college in August I hope I can keep it together. I do have a sweet hubby to make a "nest" with, so a new season of my life will begin.
    I would like to be a part of your Day in My life writing. Thanks.
    You have a nice looking son, I'm sure you're proud of him.

  13. Big adventures for your boy await. Will be joining in tomorrow. It's my daughters first birthday

  14. I'm in again Jenny! Good luck to Louis, I'm sure he'll have a great time.

  15. I remember being so excited when I left home, I never once thought about what it must have been like for my parents, which is probably normal for a young adult. :-) I'm sure your son will do great on his own in the big world, he looks smart and handsome!
    I'm in again for a Day in my Life.


  16. Good luck to Louis! What an exciting time for him.

    I'll be doing Day in My life tomorrow too.

  17. Oh Jenny, my heart goes out to you. I have the same to face in August. What a lovely thing to do sending cookies with him...a little piece of comfort.

    love, Tina x

  18. It's hard when they go...
    Exciting for them, though. I can see the excitement on his face!

    I can't believe its a year for the ordinary day post, wow! I'm in.

  19. Such a big step for him! All the love and nurture you pour into your children just must give them (and you!) so much confidence as they step out into new experiences.

    I'll be joining in, but may not get to post until Sunday as tomorrow is our anniversary as well as Valentine's.

  20. What a big day and how wonderful that he's truly ready and had the time to get ready. I must remember that when my girl graduates.

    Louis certainly has a lot of shoes :)

    I can't believe it has been 12 months for "day in my life." I started in May so I think I"ll continue doing them for awhile longer. I eventually want to print them all out into a little bound book for my children.

  21. What an amazing time for all of you, in so many ways.
    I guess it is time for more baking. ♥
    Congratulations on a job well done. He seems to have grown into a wonderful person.

  22. Count me in for the day in my life.


  23. Jenny I am a long time reader of your wonderful blog, not sure if I have commented before, if I haven't firstly thank you for uplifting my spirit. My youngest boy heads off To Brisbane tomorrow to start uni too. I have very mixed feelings, sadness tinged with looking forward to a new season in my life. It is so exciting to see them step out on the path to adulthood, to learn the skills that will see them through life. It's a path we can't take with them, and thats the hard part I think, when we have been there up till now. How many weeks till Easter?? Kind regards Julia in Qld

  24. I'm in please.

    I hope your son has a good first term.


  25. I'll be participating in the Day in My Life. I'll be looking forward to seeing how everyone else spends their Valentine's Day.


  26. I hope to have a slow day by the fire tomorrow - but I'm sure I can write something. So I'm in.

  27. Please count me in again this month.

    That is a really nice photo of Louis-what a handsome young man.

  28. Count me in for tomorrow, too, Jenny!

  29. I can't believe it's been a year! My how time flies... :) I'm looking forward to participating again this month.

  30. Hi Jenny, what a big day, I hope Stephen is home again and that you have caught up on all that happened. My other son should have gone this year, I hope he changes a lot in this year too.

    Marytoo, we basically have our larger school holiday after Christmas in Australia. Uni starts a little after the other kids go back around the start of February. The first year students have a week where they settle in.

    I'll try to do a post too, as I enjoyed the year as well.

  31. Wow! Lots of changes at your place. Praying that all will go well and everyone will adjust to the changes.

    I would love to participate in your last A Day in My Life. I'm sorry I discovered it so late. I have really enjoyed reading them.

    God bless!

  32. Hello Jenny, Although many years ago now I still remember how I felt when my two children went off to Uni in Brisbane and then, when finished, off on to many more interesting adventures. In a few weeks my daughter, husband and 2 yr. old grandson, whom I have been babysitting on a regular basis since his birth, will leave again to live in Melbourne.I have to admit, I will be very sad.
    Best wishes to your Louis. May he have success and many future adventures also.

  33. Good evening Jenny
    Best wishes to Louis as he starts off on his new 'adventure'
    A great photo of Louis, what a good-looking young man he is.

  34. Oh, I ache for you. Another chapter. I am afraid I am late to put my name down for a Day in my life.......

  35. Gosh, I'm feeling tearful. My little boys are only two and four and I can already feel the tug of what it will be like when they leave home. The pride, the worry...
    I've been following your post for a year now and, although I don't manage to read every day, I so enjoy working through the archives when I do.
    Thanks for sharing the little things of your life.
    Karen (scotland)

  36. Hello Jenny

    I feel for you - I am about to see off my daughter, Kirby. She will go to Uni in Adelaide, 400kms away. She and her Dad have been to Adelaide this week to set up her room which she has in a shared townhouse. It's an exciting time for her and I am not sure how I will feel until I leave her next Tuesday morning, me driving home alone. She didn't have a gap year, instead we encouraged her to continue straight on with her studies. She has had a taste of internationl travel (Italy trip in 2006) so I think once she can, she will spread her wings and fly away. She loves the city and I can't imagine her ever settling back in our home town. It is such an exciting time for her - something I never contemplated for myself all those years ago. Young people have the world at their feet, especially with all of today's technology, so all we can do is help push them in the right direction. Your Louis and my Kirby are the future of tomorrow - how exciting! I'll stop waffling on now,

    Cheers - Joolz

  37. hi
    i like a DAY IN MY LIFE its really good
    thanks for sharing


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