9 Feb 2009

If you want to do something to help those affected by the devastating bushfires in Victoria you can donate money through the Red Cross on line also at the Commonwealth Bank and Bunnings and probably many other places too.

If you want to make something to comfort the children affected by this terrible situation you might like to join the people at The Toy Society .

Sometimes it just helps to make something real,
love and caring made visible.

Victoria holds a special place in my heart.
My father is Victorian and most of his family is there.
I lived there for ten years from the late 1970s.
Many of these places that are suffering so much now were places I loved to visit, it is distressing to think of so much sadness being in places that are so beautiful and gentle.

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  1. I know, we lived near there in 2003 and now we know if we do visit again it will be to a largely new place. My son said this morning he knew people there. I know, such a cool place in summer, very beautiful. Lovely people.

    And I didn't know how to express it and still acknowledge their suffering and loss.

  2. I was astounded when I heard the news on Sunday morning. My prayers are with the people of Victoria at the moment, I shall look to giving a little pratical support also.

  3. Hi Jen,I have read about these fires in our news,and my heart goes out to all those effected by them. My prayers are with these dear ones.....


  4. I've been reading about the fires and will be praying.


  5. Oh, I heard more about the fires this morning on the car radio. How very sad.

    I'm going over to the Red Cross site now to see what I can do.

  6. Hello dear JAM, coming by to say hello and let you know that I've been thinking of you and praying for you (and for the many that have had to face the devastation of the fires--my heart breaks for them) I'm sure that your tender heart has been turned a bit inside-out and upside-down, lately with all that's been happening. Some great big changes at home, and some immense sorrow and sadness beyond. I remember the day that Wesley left home and moved 4 hours away, to live for a year. It was my shopping day, and I cried (as though someone I loved had died) all through the day. I knew that it was a good thing and *had* known that it was coming, *but* that first time was a major transition for me. And, I can't help but wonder if it will get easier with each one, although, something deep inside tells me that there'll always be that passage through the sadness and adjustment--of life without the daily presence of that particularly treasured one, that no one else can replace. We have some dear friends coming tomorrow and staying through the weekend, with 7 of their 9 children--so we're trying to get all the weekend stuff done (and food shopping tomorrow morning, before they arrive) so we can sit back and enjoy them while they're here. Thinking of you, there in your cosy nest, adjusting to this new season, with much love, and praying. ((Jenny)) Tenderly, Jewels


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