4 Feb 2009


Freckled and sun kissed apricots.
13 kg of freckled and sun kissed apricots.

Two hours spent chopping fruit to stew and freeze.
Later, when I'm ready, I'll make jam and chutney and there will be plenty more still frozen that can be made into apricot pie in buttery shortcrust pastry and a lattice top, apricot crumble served with lashings of cream, apricot tart - apricots spread on a sheet of puff pastry turned up at the edges, sprinkled with brown sugar and almond meal and cooked in a quick oven ...
and whatever else comes to mind in the depths of winter.

We were nearly too late collecting the fruit, slow ripening then intense hot days followed by wild winds.

The peaches are ripe now and the greengage plums too.


I have had some sewing machine problems this week which have frustrated my efforts to get things finished.

Stephen was able to fix it, thank goodness.
What a guy.

Things are busy here, back to school next week but also getting Louis ready to leave home at the end of next week.
Lists and shopping for a computer, bed, cooking gear and so on.

Exciting times.


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  1. Hi Jenny,

    Thought I was the only yummy mummy blog lover in Tassie. Happened upon your blog while looking for an apricot crumble recipe. Lovely photos! Will be back for more.


  2. I cannot tell you how beautiful and cheery that basket of apricots looks! I am in snow, snow, snow and a bit of ice! Snow banks so high you can't see over them! I'm about to go clear snow off my car to go to work. Those apricots...I can't wait for spring!

  3. Good evening Jenny
    No time is right for a sewing machine to be 'playing up', so frustrating. Yes it must be an exciting time for Louis, but also a little hard on you & Stephen to know that he is leaving the family home. But then all our children have to 'test out their wings' and discover the big wide world that is waiting for them. May his journey be blessed.

  4. Ohh yum. Your apricots make my mouth water!

  5. Lovely apricots lots of lovely colour at a time for those of us where there is lots of snow. best wishes Julie.C

  6. Hi Jenny,
    Just a question....not sure if you can answer it....is Jewels still posting on her blog? there hasn't been an update for a good while...
    Your apricots look great, its cold and snowy here so they look like summer to me.


  7. Ooh, apricots! Yours look so good! This year I have an abundance of peaches and plums. Many have already been stewed and frozen for summer desserts of fruit & icecream, and winter desserts of fruit-filled pies and pastries. Yum! Have missed out on apricots this year, though. :( And now the parrots are into my peach tree and not only wasting all the fruit by half-eating them, but ripping leaves and little branches off too...My poor tree! :( I dont expect anymore peaches this season. :(

  8. Hi Coleen, Jewels left a comment about a week a go ( http://littlejennywren.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-was-working-on-humpty-before.html ) hinting that she may update her blog soon. I think she just gets very busy and time gets away from her.


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