dressmaker - interrupted

18 Feb 2009


I had planned to do some dressmaking this afternoon.
Kate needs a few bits and pieces and so do I.

Instead I had to go into town to take some papers to Stephen and so I did some errands while I was there ; the usual - trip to the library, visit to the post office and a quick look in the fabric store for some denim for a pair of shorts for Kate.


She wants some shorts like these.
This pattern was one my mum used to make the trousers and halter top for my little sister back in the 70s.

Most of the shorts around for young girls like Kate are very short and also very low slung .
We should be able to make these so that she feels comfortable in them.

kates dress

We are also revisiting this pattern
A couple of years ago Kate wanted this made for her birthday and then after I had bought the material she changed her mind.
I still have the fabric but the pattern may need to be altered a little.
She wants the white one with a lace overlay , it's a dress up really and she will probably only wear the once but it will be fun to make and what's more I already have everything I need .
This pattern was used by my Auntie to make a dress for my cousin Sue , she would have been 12 ( the pattern size) in 1966, the pattern price is in shillings and pence so it predates 1966.
So early 60s I guess.

I want to thank everyone who took part in A Day in My Life over the past 12 months.
It was a really enjoyable thing to do and I know from the many emails I have received that many people who didn't actually post their days still enjoyed reading all the marvellous posts that people wrote.
Everyone who did take part knows that it was a time consuming but worthwhile project to take note of all the small things that happen in the dailiness of our lives.
I haven't read back over my posts but I do intend to soon.
Some people are printing their journals to give to their children.
Many people have asked for the project to continue.
I think 12 months is enough - what do you think?

13 Responses to “dressmaker - interrupted”

  1. I love the idea of ADIML! I was only able to participate in one and it's so fun to read everyone's days. If you decide to bring it back I'll do it for sure!

  2. I love the pattern pictures!

  3. I love thos patterns. I can see making them.


  4. Personally, I would LOVE to see ADIML continue. I never got the chance to participate last year, but would definitely participate if you did it again this year. I know it's time consuming for you, though, so no pressure. :)

  5. Yes! Please do continue. to visit each of you and follow your day is really special. I look forward to it every month.

  6. A halter top my Mum made for herself I think, I think I may have had one too, is back in fashion. I couldn't believe it!

  7. I came in late, and I'd love for ADIML to continue. But I also understand if you would prefer to move on to other things. I have enjoyed posting and reading, and I would like to be able to carry on doing that. I think it's not just interesting to those of use who participate but also as a wider social snapshot.


  8. I love the dress pattern. I don't suppose a photo of the finished product could be forthcoming?

  9. I love those old patterns, I have a few myself but unfortunately not for children, I should pay more attention when I'm thrifting to find some.
    For me, I really liked doing ADIML, but since I joined later I haven't made it to a full year yet. So I'd like it to continue, but I understand if you want to stop doing it. :-)


  10. For what it's worth, I would be a fan of your continuing ADIML and I would aspire to participate.
    ADIML is very nearly a type of ministry... nice to know there are other normal folks out there who are doing the same day-in, day-out things that are important in the lives of our families.
    I will still visit your blog, no matter what.

  11. Jenny, how lovely to visit with you! Time doesn't always allow these days, but I so enjoy stopping by when I can.

  12. I love ADIML! Hope you continue, but I'll still read your blog anyway :) Thanks.

  13. Oh please continue ADIML!! I loved reading it and all the links - and now I have my own blog and I would love to participate. I know it was a lot of work for you. . .so thanks for the lovely year (and fingers-crossed that it continues).


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