6 Feb 2009


The better part of today was spent trekking around getting school books and school clothes ready for the big day next week.
Andy goes back to school on Monday and Kate starts on Wednesday.

Luckily our school has an excellent second hand clothing shop and we have always been happy to accept hand me downs from other school families.
When we have finished with the clothes we pass them on to others who are smaller.
Sometimes the clothes are third or fourth hand but they are good for back up clothes for that morning when you discover the good trousers have a hole and there is no time to mend them.

We got a blazer and two dresses for Kate and two pairs of shorts for Andy all at about 1/4 of the new price.

I swear after bringing the books and clothes home on the bus my arms are six inches longer.

I was so desperate for a good cup of tea.

I borrowed a book from the library today called " Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down" - just what the doctor ordered.
The authors - Nicey and Wifey have a website that seems to be all about tea and biscuits.

I have in fact been feeling rather under par this week,not achieving much of anything.
Must be this crazy weather.

I took it easy this afternoon, cruising through some of my vintage mags. You can see some of the pictures I took of them here.


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  1. Great vintage magazines

  2. I've just found a book called The Saggy Baggy Elephant from the Little Golden Book series and I thought of you. Did you have it?

  3. Arrowroot biccies...I'd forgotten about them!

    The biccie book you mentioned is great...my Mum had it out of the library recently. Unfortunately though, it makes you crave biscuits and tea all the time! lol!

  4. Me too, we had arrowroot biscuits and cold boiled water to eat and drink when we had upset tummies.
    Nothing beats a good cup of tea.


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