11 Jan 2009

Louis and Andy 15 years ago

When my boys were small one of my favourite jobs was to go collecting small bits of firewood, kindling .

I would load the boy(s) into our big pram and walk through the busy intersections to a small area of bushland in the landslip area of Launceston, where Kris' little girls now do much the same thing.

There are lots of big gum trees and so lots of fallen crackly small and not so small branches. The boys would wander round collecting sticks and investigating this little piece of bush and I would collect as much good firestarting wood as I could, load it on the wire tray under the pram until no more would fit.

We would have a little picnic of sandwiches and biscuits and water and then head back.

An easy mornings work, an easy way to make sure we had kindling.
A great chance to be in our world, our town, rather than just passing through.

I never saw anyone else collecting wood and we did get some strange looks as we pushed our way back through two of the busiest traffic intersections in town.

Life can be simple in the midst of constant busyness.

Time spent working alongside the little ones ( now big ones) is never wasted, it's the time when you build the bonds that hold generations together.

Have a look and read Riana's Flickr post for some sweet reflections on home work.
You can read her blog here.

Louis and Andy 15 years ago

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  1. We used to do that here in Tennessee. The only difference was we used a little red wagon. As my kids got older we would take the truck if we found someone who had cut up a tree and load it. There was one very bleak year when we heated our house with wood we had picked up by the road.
    Things like this make for the best memories.

  2. That's a lovely photo Jenny- thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like fun Jenny, children love doing this sort of stuff.

    My girls when they were little loved going stump picking out on my parents farm, mainly because they got to ride on the back of poppa's ute. I have some great photos of them doing this. Brings back memories, thankyou for reminding me.


  4. It's as sweet as ever to visit your blog, Jenny. Thank you for sharing these memories.

  5. Lovely post, Jenny. I've been lurking for a while but just wanted to pause a moment to comment.

    All the best,

  6. Chocolate ripple cake. Yum.

    I have nominated you for a blog award. Please come and visit to find out more.


  7. you are so sweet! thank you for the nice link and thoughts. we were collecting firewood and rocks on saturday and i said to my husband as amaya put sticks into the car, "i really love doing these tasks with you two". it is a wonderful, simple life. (and it helps keep our house warm)

    brightest blessings to you,


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