2 Jan 2009

the eggs

We now have only one little chick.
I thought we originally had three but the children assure me it was two.
Overnight, having stupidly left a deep dish of water in the chookhouse one of the little ones fell in and drowned.
I left the water there for the mother hen meaning to take it out after an hour or so and completely forgot.
We had such a small number of chicks because, unbeknown to us ( and perhaps Henny as well) Charlie the duck had been adding her (infertile) eggs to the clutch.
When dear Henny felt she had enough eggs she stopped laying but only three of them were hers, one didn't hatch.
After the chicks hatched, in typical lazy duck mode, Charlie hopped on the nest with Henny as all the boring work had been done.
After a few days we had to remove all the excess eggs, Henny fought valiently to save her ducky eggs but she is much happier now she can take her baby for a walk.
Let's just hope this little one isn't a rooster.

Biddy the brown hen seems to be thinking about being clucky now so we may have to let her have some chicks too after Henny's unlucky experience and this time we'll keep Charlie out of the nest.

coffee and rhubarb

We had a BBQ for New Year's Day lunch and finished off the killer Chocolate Brownie Torte, the original recipe was one of Jewels'.

My sister was there as well as her boys who had stayed the night plus mum and dad came round.
Even though there was a devilish wind we ate outside.

We are having a cool and windy summer holiday so far, it makes for pleasant sleeping at night but more warmth through the day would be nice.


It's funny, but my mother hates to use cloth napkins, she thinks they just make more work for me so she gets a tissue out of her pocket instead.
How much work does a napkin cause?

the cotton stash

My sister washed up the dishes while she was here yesterday - a novelty for her as she thoroughly enjoys her dishwasher.
She had to use one of my handknit dishclothes and loved it.

She used to be a marathon knitter, knitting complicated colour patterns often in mohair and then she just stopped, she also stopped baking instead buying packet mix cakes when she needed to bake for birthdays and so on.

She was so interested in these dishclothes and the possibility of doing some plain, meditative knitting that I joyfully gave her a couple of balls from my stash of thrifted cotton and she is probably knitting a bazillion dishclothes and facewashers right now.
I believe she has also rediscovered her past joy in baking and was making pizza dough last time I visited her.

My neighbour, who spent New Years Eve with us is also thinking of doing some knitting which she abandoned years ago too.
Her little son says he wants to see his mum sitting knitting so I might have to put her onto the knitted dishclothes .
They are quick to start , quick to finish,can be as simple or complcated as you feel like and you don't have to worry whether anyone will wear what you have made, just plonk them on the sink and they will be used.

When I first started making knitted dishclothes and washclothes, about ten years ago, it was difficult to find knitting cotton but now there is plenty of 8ply yarn around and in dyed or natural colours, I also find lots of abandoned cotton at the op shop.
Actually many of my early cloths were made from cotton yarn my siser had given me when she gave up knitting.
The cloths last for ages with normal use so if you are looking for an easy but useful project give it a go.
Here are
some patterns you can try and more here.
There is even a Flickr group - why am I not surprised.
The easiest pattern of all though is just to cast on about forty or fifty stitches or what ever looks good to you, using 8ply yarn and 4 or 5 mm needles, and knit in garter stitch until you have a square then cast off, darn in the ends and you are done.

The beauty of these cloths and in fact all homemade things is that you can tailor them to your own specifications so that they suit your family .

OK, it's sunny, the wind has dropped so I'm heading outside to eat my breakfast. Have a lovely day.

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  1. I have always liked cotton knitted/crocheted dishcloths- my knitting is not that good, I am more of a crocheter. We have blue ones on our sink at the moment.

    I would love to see some pictures of your little chicken!

  2. I just came across your blog and just had to say it put a smile on my face. I too would love to see the chicken!

  3. I'm an avid dishcloth/washcloth knitter too. My son brought his girlfriend for Christmas, whom I hadn't met, and knew nothing about.....I was a bit nervous, and....what to give her for Christmas?

    A pretty organic cotton washcloth and a cake of locally made soap....she was sooo thrilled, walked around for ages rubbing it on her face, exclaiming at it's softness.

    She said she'd always wanted to knit, and would I teach her....we spent some enjoyable time looking through my stash, playing with needles and stitches, and she went home with needles and cotton to start her own.

    Now wouldn't it be nice if she ends up being a DIL? :)

  4. There goes my plan to set up an etsy store! Boo hooo!!!!


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