26 Jan 2009

Happy Australia Day

We are at the end of a long weekend, Australia Day long weekend.

Twenty two years ago it was also our wedding weekend.
This year, on 24th January we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Happy days.

As a nod to our national day I made a pavlova for dessert tonight.
Actually it's a giant meringue like my mum always made when we were children.
Believe it or not but I had never heard of a pavlova until I went to live in Melbourne when I was 18.


I looked through my 1970s Western Australian CWA cookbook and couldn't even find a recipe for pavlova, only meringue.

So that is what I made.
Super easy and super delicious , especially on a typical summers day.
All that sweetness offset by the tangy passionfruit spooned on top.



Yesterday we drove down to Hobart to take a look at the house that will be Louis' home away from home in about three weeks time when he heads south to begin his university course.

It's walking distance to the uni.

Nice little house with good size rooms for studying students and plenty of common space for relaxing.

A little paved back garden with a clothesline and a very sunny aspect plus, oh joy, a bountiful lemon tree.


We also bought a bag of organic local cherries too, yummo.

After the house inspection we wandered around Sandy Bay, down to the beach and then in out up down and round and round Battery Point.
No Photos though, I took the camera but the batteries were flat.


I have spent any spare time this weekend knitting for the eight little dolls I am working on. One of them will be in the shop as soon as I can manage .

I'll leave you with this little quote I found in my vintage CWA book.


Oh, and I almost forgot, the meringue recipe.
It is a classic:

whites of 4 eggs

8 tablespoons of sugar

flavouring ( vanilla)


sufficient cream of tartar to cover 5c

( I have never seen this measurement before, have you?)

Beat egg whites stiffly, add sugar half a tablespoon at a time, beating well.
Add cream of tartar and flavouring, and beat well.
Place on greased paper ( or baking paper), either in tablespoons to make small meringues or shaped into one large cake.
Bake for 2 hours in a cool oven.

then I left it to cool and piled on the whipped cream and some passionfruit pulp.

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  1. Twenty four years ago it was also our wedding weekend, today. We had pavlova too. It has become a tradition for our anniversary.

    I try to get a pavlova magic each year around Christmas time.

  2. I'm glad you had a nice Australia Day. We were talking about Pavlova over dinner on Saturday because my eldest girl has a passion for merangue (her fave pud is Eton Mess) and I told her she'd love Pavlova and that it was Australian. She wants to have a go at making it herself.

    Loved the poem btw, it was right up my alley!

  3. Congratulations on 22 years. Keep loving and caring for each other. The older you get the better it is!

  4. Your Meringue looks very yummy!! We prefer the slightly chewy texture of the Meringue crust better than the hard crust of Pavlova. My Dad has discovered that he's quite the Meringue King and has taken over Mum's kitchen lol.

  5. Good evening Jenny
    Congratulations on your 22nd wedding anniversary, may you and Stephen look forward to many joyful years together.
    It is a blessing to have someone special in your life. On the 17th Feb, my husband & I will have been married 31 years. I look back over that time & think how could 31 years go so fast?

  6. I love the poem, Jenny. So appropriate for these days....

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    I loved the poem for it is so true for today.
    Happy Belated Australia Day.

  8. Happy Australia Day! We ate vegemite, lamingtons and milo yesterday, but no pavlova.
    I always make a big meringue instead of real pav too, it gets better reviews!

  9. Happy belated anniversary Jenny :-) I've never managed to make a pav that comes close to my aunt's creations so maybe I'd fare better with a merangue! I must give it a go.

    Cheers, Julie

  10. Hi Jenny! So nice to visit your blog again and catch up. Since the birth of our baby girl on the 15-th, I've been offline most of the time. I look forward to coming back to read all you've posted in my absence. :o)

    Pavlova is one of my favorites!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a relaxing Australia day. The meringue looks absolutely delicious. Why do I feel hungry every time I visit your site?

  12. Congratualations on your 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Your pavlova looks delicious, I just love passionfruit. I also made a pavlova on Australia Day but I had mine smothered in home grown peaches yum!

    Loved the poem! so true:)

  13. Arrrgggh, you inspired me to make pavlova to take to a dinner party tonight, but have a new oven and it's not working out. I hope if i pile on enough whipped cream it will hide the rubbery edges...


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