24 Jan 2009

freckle face

Thrilled to have my freckle face picture featured
on on Morna Crites-Moore's
beautiful blog.


And little Bridget has turned up in a seriously cute mosaic on Little stitches.

I would never have known about Bridget if I hadn't visited the beautiful Heart Felt blog. Now tell me Charlie and sweet Sadie are not the most beautiful children you have ever seen ( apart from your own , of course).

3 Responses to “ ”

  1. Thanks for recommending those wonderful blogs, I enjoyed looking over them all.


  2. seriously, Bridget still makes me sigh everytime I see her *sigh* seriously one sweet doll.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind comment, I must say I'm rather fond of them both. Your dolls are so beautiful, so much love and care goes into them. They really are adorable. xx


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