30 Jan 2009


This hot air balloon joined me for breakfast this morning.

The air was so still and the only sound was the occasional whoosh of the balloon's burner.

We were both making the most of the slightly cooler morning air before the oppressive heat returned.

There is something other worldly about seeing such a large thing float so effortlessly across the sky.


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  1. Yes, joined us for breakfast too. Miss Four's little mouth opened in perfect 'O' when she saw it in the sky - she couldn't imagine what it could be. It was like a having a visit from another world - a beautiful, benign presence, hanging in the sky, leaving a wake of happiness and amazed four year olds...

  2. I love that vine in your last photo, what is it, Jasmine?

  3. how wonderful having the balloon overhead!!! this heat is ridiculous!!! I can't handle it one bit!!

  4. Your photo was a joy to see with that lovely blue sky, here in the UK it is damp wet and cold. best wishes Julie.C

  5. We have a hot air balloon launch site near our house and see them so often that the girls barely look up! I saw one last week--an event you NEVER see in winter. They are always magical to me.

  6. Yes seeing a balloon floating effortlessly across the sky (and we often see them floating across our neck of Melbourne suburbia) can transport you into a Jules Verne novel! Real life whimsy.


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