summer aqua

20 Jan 2009

more aqua

It has taken me all night to get to the computer and now I'm too tired to write out my post.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Enjoy a little blast of summer aqua.

the pool and my shadow

Kate at the pool

kate in the pool

knitting at the pool

carnation milk booklet and creation

4 Responses to “summer aqua”

  1. Beautiful colors, Jenny. Here, it's all about the "Winter White" with 13 fresh inches of snow on the ground.

  2. Bliss. It's freezing here. I can't wait for summer! :)

  3. I'm on tenterhooks! What is that blue stuff in the bowl??

  4. My, just turned 5 yeard old son, was shocked that you were swimming. I got out the globe and showed him just how far away you are from New Jersey, where it was a balmy 40 degrees today :)


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