29 Jan 2009

OK , because it is still way too muggy and hot to be sitting tip tapping I have links to the pudding recipes requested.

They are exactly the same as the recipes I use and mine are on hand written scraps and in school fundraising cook books so I would say they are typical and tried and true.

First up is Butterscotch pudding, a self saucing pudding like the chocolate pudding I often make.

The other recipe is for Lemon Delicious Pudding and it is ... delicious , that is.

Funny that I found the recipe on the same site as the Butterscotch Pudding, perhaps it is a site worth checking out further.

So there you are.

I hope you are managing to keep cool if you are in sweltering heat and that you are keeping warm if you are in freezing conditions and for those of you who are "just right", enjoy.

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  1. Jenny,

    Thank you sooo much for posting these links.......when its a little cooler here, I'll give these a go.

    Many blessings,


  2. Hi Jenny- I feel for you in Lonnie and elsewhere in southern Australia at the moment- it's so hard to have any energy in such heat.At the moment in Hobart we've escaped the real extremes altho' maybe I shouldn't speak too soon!

    I have vivid memories of peak hour tram rides in Melbourne in 42-43 degree heat, and of it still being 32 degrees at 4a.m. Sleeping underneath wet towels with a fan on all night.My mum swears by running cool water over the insides of your wrists.

  3. Good evening Jenny
    Must say this heatwave has me longing for the crisp mornings & mild days of autumn.... followed by some evenings of steady rainfall.

  4. You blog is always a pleasure to read. I have another award for you over at my blog ;)


  5. I am currently experiencing Maryanne's memories...minus the trams. I am ever so grateful to have put in cooling last week. I can't imagine what we'd have done without it!

    The only pudding we're likely to eat any time soon is a cool one ~ a cottee's vanilla pudding mix, cream, pineapple. Not as homemade as I'd like, very unhealthy....but sooooo refreshing!

    I might make icey poles for the kids today too.

  6. Love your blog as always. Do you have a good Golden Syrup Dumpling Receipe.
    Have a good day

  7. You are in a heat wave, and we are bundled up in the midst of an ice storm :) Thank you for the pudding recipes - my 6 cuties will love them!

  8. I've tried the butterscotch pudding so far and it's delicious. The kids added some whipped cream, what a treat! Thanks for the recipes. Blessings, Heather


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