9 Jan 2009

"Christmas" leaf floating in the water dish

It's been another tootling kind of morning.
The days are so beautiful that being out in the garden is unavoidable especially in the mornings.

I finally washed our Christmas tree skirt and hung it out this morning.
Maggie the cat slept on it every night while the tree was up and when we packed Christmas away we found a little present from her firmly attached to the skirt.
Nothing too disgusting just one of her perfectly felted furballs that she deposits around the house.

After I hung it on the line my attention was attracted by something pretty in the wooden water bowl that sits under the outside tap.
This perfect Christmas leaf ( above).
Isn't it pretty?
Those rock looking things under it are potatoes that someone must have unearthed and decided to wash and then abandon them.

Christmas tree skirt

I made the tree skirt a couple of years ago from a bag of yarns, acrylics and wools that I found gathered together at the op shop and selling for some tiny amount - Christmas in a plastic bag. I loosely followed a pattern in Handknit Holidays by Melanie Fallick which I had been given as a present the Christmas before.

pepper tree

I admit to spending a good part of the morning staring up into the pepper tree to catch a glimpse of some new residents in our garden.
This pepper tree is old and popular with all sorts of birds.
It has the kind of bark where bugs like to hide. It stands above the chook house and combined with the almond tree from next door is the main thing that keeps the chook house roof on I think.

pepper tree , home to our new families of Superb fairy Wrens.

I couldn't get a photo of our newbies, my camera isn't capable of great nature shots especially when the "nature" won't keep still.

We seem to have been adopted by a party of Superb Fairy Wrens, I'm so pleased.

You see several years ago we chopped down a wattle tree to make way for some fruit trees.
It was a tree we had planted when we first moved here and had been a good friend to the children as well as the birdlife but we needed the space and we have many other trees.

I had been delighted that we had a family of wrens in our garden but it wasn't until I heard their unhappy singing that I realised we were destroying their home.
The day Stephen finished off the tree with the chainsaw was the last day I saw them.

Well now they are back and it seems they have brought all the grandchildren and the cousins too.

I noticed a little wren swooping and singing yesterday. It was diving down into the vegie garden and then perching on top of the bean poles and them darting up into the blackwood.

Such a pretty voice.

This morning when I went down to the bottom of the garden to investigate this lovely singing I was entertained by their beautiful swoops and dives, their perky little tail fan dances and games of chases.
They don't look exceptional, a bit smaller than a sparrow with a longer tail that stands upright and wags but when mating season begins , oh such a handsome and beautiful male bird.

picture from superbfairywren.com

And they are so entertaining, rarely still and so flowing in their movements.

bandicooted potatoes

I also gathered six fine eggs in my apron and then noticed some potatoes moving close to the surface so I bandicooted them leaving the rest of the plant there to keep growing.
What a handy apron.

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  1. I had to abandon my tree skirt early on, cos my dog kept scratching it into a bundle. Next year I'l try tying it to the tree trunk and legs. Love your blog.

  2. Wonderful pictures of your garden in the morning, and how lucky to see the fairy wren I love wildlife. Where I live we are still in the cold of winter and I do live near a town but I still get small visitors. I lay food out for squirrels and the blue tit comes to visit with robins to and thats nice to see. best wishes Julie.C

  3. Good evening Jenny,
    Love your photo of the Christmas leaf, such lovely colours...lime green & cranberry.
    You are so lucky that the Wrens have returned. We have an extended family of Magpies in our backyard and at times they do scare the smaller birds away.
    Summer seems to have returned to Melbourne, so the evenings have been a lovely time to be out in the garden.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Sounds like a beautiful day! We had potatoes in the garden growing up, we were always so excited when it was time to dig them up. Like a surprise, the moment my mom would dig in, take a huge scoop of earth and they all rolled out! Potatoes are one of the coolest things to grow, I think.
    How lovely the birds have come back, by the way!


  5. The wren is beautiful! So much more colourful that our local wrens, which are cute but very brown.

    And I loved the Maggie picture you linked to, my cat likes to get into and under things too.

  6. What a beautiful bird. Sadly a new Pepper tree has died at the preschool where we were looking after the rabbit and watering the plants in the holidays.

  7. I discovered your blog while searching for vintage knit patterns. I was interested to see your link to bandicooting. I have just moved to coastal Hobart and noticed there are bandicoots living in the grasses at the front of the house. Lovely blog BTW. I'll keep reading.


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