28 Jan 2009


I was working on Humpty before Christmas and since Christmas I have been soooo busy with life and dolls, custom order dolls that is.

Finally I have got round to putting Humpty in the shop.
Now I must tell you that because of his little button eyes and the button on his jacket he is not suitable as a toy for children below the age of three or children who still put toys in their mouths.
He is meant to sit quietly on a shelf and hope that he never falls and needs all the king's horses and all the king's men to attempt to put him back together again.


This is little Hannah who is on her way to the US.


I have had a few recipe requests which I will post tomorrow.

We have had a devilishly hot day here and even with all the windows open tonight a small breeze blowing it is stuffy and sticky.

Time for a cool drink I think.

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  1. Little Hannah is precious, as was the original. Thanks so much! We can't wait till she arrives!

  2. HOW do you do the hair like that on those dolls?! It is darling:-)
    When my eldest was very little she had light blonde and very curly hair(just like that)...we bought a custom made doll from Magic Cabin but they only seemed to have long hair for the girlie dolls.

    Terribly cute! I love your dolls...would love to be able to make such for my own children and friends!

    Lots of love,

  3. Me Too! He is soooo Cute

    Hereford uk

  4. Hey Humpty Dumpty there is not enough of these little characters around he is great, and I like little Hannah to. best wishes Julie.C

  5. Oh, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.....you should *not* have given Hannah away! She is the most adorable of all the adorables. How do you do it?? Video footage, please. And...and...and....Humpty Dumpty, you'd just best be gettin' on over to that shop of yours and taking him right back *out*. I mean it, JAM, your dolls are *just too sweet* to part with. I'm sorry, but it's your own fault. BUT, if I was a *wealthy woman*--in $$$'s you know--then *I* would scoop them up (all of them) and keep them safely for you, 'til you came to regret having parted with them--then I would (well, I think I would. hmmmm, would I?? hmmm...yeah...I think I would...of course I would...wouldn't I?) give them *back* to you. But anyways, *true friend* that I am (whether--in the end--I would actually give them back or not ;o), you can (be assured that you can) *cry on my shoulder* when that day comes (and it will, I'm tellin' ya) and I *don't* have them to pass along back to you *and yours* (and let's be perfectly honest here...there are most likely going to be a number more of little *yours* headed *your* way, down the road, through the magic of mother-and-father-hood, once the children begin to leave the nest and marry....Just look, Rhonda Jean and Hanno are almost there...I'm telling you, it's comin') Heaving a sorrowful sigh ;o) You shouldn't have done it, little jenny wren..... Outdid yourself, once again! Beautiful. Beautiful. Perfectly beautiful. Love you, Smiling Eyes. aslaug comes **tonight** in just a few hours. I feel a blog post coming on! ;o) xo Jewels

  6. Humpty is just the cutest little thing ever! If only my children were young enough to love him to death!

  7. Humpty has such a sweet and friendly expression. He will make some little fellow a wonderful playmate.
    All your dolls are exceptional. Each has its own sweet personality that says "let's play." You have a real gift.

  8. My daughter's name is Hannah and she looked just like that as a little wee one - curls and a cream wool cardigan that my friend knitted her.

    Love your Humpty. Every Preschool teacher needs a Humpty like that!


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