7 Jan 2009

first time out in the garden

Henny and her baby having their first morning adventure in the garden.

watching mother hen have a dust bath

Oh no!
What's mum doing?
Having a dust bath, out here where everyone can see!

the chick has had enough of watching mum

That's it, I'm off.
How embarrassing.

I have never seen a hen enjoy her bath more. She was flipping and squirming and making such happy noises fluffing herself up rolling to this side and then the other.
The chick didn't know what to make of it.
I wish I had a camera with a good zoom so I could have taken better pictures.

We all ate our breakfast down with the chooks watching the new little one on its first big adventure and keeping an eye out for cats.
Actually the dog was more of a problem.
She is a frustrated mother and as soon as the chick started to cheep she would rush in to help and scatter the hens.
We had to shut her in the laundry, she is much too helpful.

I have spent the morning chook watching, hanging washing, deadheading daisy bushes, making a new batch of laundry detergent, making some ice cream, making some bread in the breadmaker and generally tootling around.

Hope you are having a happy productive day.

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  1. That is so cute Jenny! It makes me want to get some chooks too!

  2. ...one of our hens has just produced ELEVEN little chicks - it's a full time job keeping an eye on her, offspring and 'helpful' dogs! The upside is that they are so much more compelling to watch than the TV...!Sue.

  3. Good evening Jenny
    Sounds like you had a delightful day 'tootling around'. As I work in a office, my tootling time was after work...making dinner, watering the vegie patch after dinner (my de-stress time)and then reading Easy Organic Gardening by Lyn Bagnall. So now it's off to bed. Good night.

  4. Yes Jenny, Its a cold frosty day but I am having a good one. Lovely photos. Julie.C

  5. Part of my morning was very similar to you in the laundry-hanging and bread-making department, and then I did some bunny-chasing after the neighbours' pet rabbit, who had escaped again. Since I'm about to go into labor any day now, it was QUITE amusing to watch, I imagine. :o)

  6. It sounds like the most perfect of perfect days at your cottage Jenny! How I wish we could have joined you in your chook watching picnic!! (not to mention giving you a hand with deadheading...)

    Warm wishes dear one,
    ButtonWillow Cottage

  7. Sounds wonderful...Here in the Nothern Hemisphere it is much too cold for chicks. But I am getting inspired to try a garden again in the spring, although I have failed so many times. I can't wait until spring!

  8. i love reading your blog, especially about your gardening and crafting, it's amazing!
    today it is a strange feeling to watch your pictures because here in germany there is -20° celsius and you can see frozen rivers, lakes, snow and ice everywhere twinkling in the sunshine...
    please excuse, that my english is not very well...

  9. Beautiful pictures!
    Love your tree skirt -- makes me think I need to start on next Christmas's making of thing.


  10. i couldn't think of a better way to spend the day than chook watching. i used to have a couple of chooks in my suburban backyard in melbourne. they are the most amazing creatures. i used to make bread and jam for mine and turn it upside down so they could get the jam on their tongues. they loved it and would chortle away. you have a lovely blog btw. :)


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