The Great Bootee Saga

17 Jan 2009

sunshine and ice cream

Early last year, I received a scrappy photocopy of a knitting pattern for a pair of booties.

Months later when I heard that Jewels was to become a grannie again I decided to knit a pair of these bootees to send for the new baby.

A little later Jewels and her family upped stakes and moved to a place close to paradise and though she had taken pictures of those bootees on those sweet little feet I still didn't have photographic proof to assure me that they did fit and they did look sweet.

That little one now has a new little brother or sister on the way and before Christmas Jewels shared the picture ( scroll down a bit at Jewels' and you"ll see them - so cute) for all to see.

Debbi Bliss bootees

Since that time I have had many requests for the pattern but I had long since lost it.
I had a feeling it was a
Debbie Bliss pattern so I began searching through Ravelry, what a blessing that place is, such a storehouse of information.

Then I searched the library for the appropriate book and put a hold on it.
Yesterday I picked it up and confirmed that they were indeed the right bootees.
I did make a minor change and knitted stocking stitch up the front of the foot instead of garter stitch, who knows why, not me.

Debbie Bliss book from the library

So the pattern is in this book,
Quick Knits by Debbie Bliss and it was published in 1999.

I can't give you the pattern obviously but you might find the book at your local library.
I did find a simple little bootee pattern for free on the net that those of you with a little knitting nous will be able to adapt to suit your own design or just look through your old patterns and have ago. The curled ankle band on Debbie's bootees is a nice alternative to ribbing and was very popular for necklines and the bottom band on jumpers/sweaters in the 90s. You just change to a slightly smaller needle size and knit a few rows in stocking stitch and you will get a curled edging.

My old Debbie Bliss book

I bought my one and only Debbie Bliss book just a week or two before my first baby, Louis was born back in 1989.
There are lots of sweet clothes in this book but it is no longer available.

Check your library because she does have a large collection of books with wonderful childrens patterns .
She particularly like to use moss stitch and stocking stitch , moss stitch is one of my favourites, I love the look of it, it's sturdy appearance and how it gives an almost woven feel to the knitting, so nice for giving a tailored appearance to cardigans and gives a lovely neat edge on collars and such

Debbie Bliss magazine

I bought myself this magazine as part of my Christmas present this year.

Debbie Bliss loveliness

To be honest I bought it mainly for this picture of a child's dress adapted from a an old sewn smock.

Isn't it just a perfect little girl's dress?
Wouldn't it make a lovely doll's dress?

12 Responses to “The Great Bootee Saga”

  1. I adore that little dress, it's beautiful! x

  2. I love that little dress. Unfortunately I no longer have a daughter who would wear it or play with a doll who wore it. Sigh.

  3. Those little booties are gorgeous! The curled edges are very very cute, it's enough to make we want to take up knitting.

  4. There is no doubt Jenny the knitted dress would make a gorgeous doll's dress. It is beautiful. I would have bought the book just for the dress too if I had seen it. I look forward to seeing it on a doll one day.

  5. Jenny, I have that very pattern. I used it for my own girls, and for my friend's babies. I just don't think you can top Debbie Bliss for children's patterns.

  6. Your right about the dress, I saw this and love the idea of making a knitting pattern that was taken from a favourite piece of clothing. Debbie Bliss designs some lovely patterns. Julie.C

  7. I liked those bootees so much that I ordered myself a copy of the Debbie Bliss book that you showed, "Quick Baby Knits", from Amazon and got it for a very good price ! We have a new great grandson, Cody, who was just born on Dec.21st and another great grandson, Josiah, who is due in April. I'd like to make a pair for each of them. I've been knitting again after not doing it for many years and I thought that those bootees would be especially nice for boys. So many patterns are more ruffly and feminine.Thanks for showing us the book.



  8. Thanks for posting the information about the pattern!

    I have a brand new nephew and one on the way, that I am dying to knit booties for!

    Thanks so, so much!

  9. The booties and the dress are beautiful! It makes me wish I could knit.

  10. I had seen the booties on Jewels' blog and they are adorable!!! I love them! I have not tried to knit booties yet...but hope to try soon! :)

  11. I had/have the Debbie Bliss book. I remember enjoying it very much.


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