A Day in My Life

14 Jan 2009

peace lily

Peace Lily

computer chair

Up and out of bed at around 5.30 this morning.

Into the kitchen to make a coffee and then I spent a couple of peaceful hours writing emails, reading blogs and looking around flickr.

Everyone slept late, tired after yesterday's day of sunshine, sand and sea.

the view at breakfast

I ate my breakfast outside at this summers favourite table.
We borrowed this table from my sister about twenty years ago and up until recently I use it as my work table.
Now I have a trestle table that my mum no longer needed and the old table doesn't fit in the house.
With a pretty oilcloth cover for protection from the weather it has become a desirable destination.

peace lily

With the hot weather set to continue today I watered all the potplants early as well as the vegetable garden.
Quite a pleasant job, puddling around with water on a summer's day.

shackie in the morning sun

I hung out a load of washing, fed the animals and thne popped up the street to feed a friend's cats while she and her children are away on holiday.
They arrived home late this afternoon and Kate had left a little message for them on their front door.

house brownie

It's Pinkie Pale , the House Brownie

house brownie's note

What a good little Brownie she was.

bedroom renovations

After a slow start to the morning Stephen got to work on our bedroom redecoration project.

We have lived in this house for twenty years and our bedroom is the only room that has never been repainted.
We ( I use the plural form loosely as I'm sure Stephen will do the whole job) are painting the walls lime white, some paint we already had left over from the boys bedroom ceiling so our room will look very fresh rather than murky.

bedroom renovations

With Stephen locked away in the bedroom and Kate and Andy up and busy I tidied the house, washed the dishes, hung out a load of washing and then made a pot of tea around 10.30 for us all to share.
Louis was at a friend's house.

busy work

After a nice refreshing cuppa I started some dolly doodling.
I'm gradually getting into some sort of routine so that I can get some custom order dolls finished before the end of the month as well as put a few items in the shop.

new doll

This one will be in the shop tomorrow, clothed of course.

I cooked some pasta for lunch and made a sauce from some leftover sour cream,the last of the mushrooms, some onion and garlic and some chicken pickings from the two roast chickens I cooked on Monday after finding the free range chickens at the supermarket were half price. We have been eating them in one guise or another all week.
There is still plenty left for sandwiches tomorrow.

After lunch Kate decided to watch High Society and with my knitting in hand I joined her.
We had the curtains drawn to keep the room cooled and so the inevitable happened - I fell asleep.
Not for long but delicious.

Late in the afternoon I organised a short shopping list and headed off.
I dropped in on my vacationing friend to deliver her collected mail and half an hour later I was still there.
I headed off again but noticed poor Poppy, our dog had got out of the yard and was being seriously bullied by next door's dog.
Poor old Pop.
I rescued her, she now walking with a slight limp.

Finally, after all my dilly dallying, I headed off to the shops.

I arrived home just after Kate and Stephen returned from their swim and Louis came home from golf.
Kate was heading off to visit her friend Ruby but stopped to help me carry the shopping home.

I needed a long cool drink before I could think about dinner.
In the end Louis cooked the sausages and I just had mine in a slice of bread.

After tea I updated the list of people who are journalling their day and uploaded my photos then headed off to play a game of scrabble.
I lost.

Now everyone is in bed and my day has begun and finished on the computer.

Oh and for your information , Kate, yes I did go for a swim at Bridport yesterday but I don't have a picture to prove it.


Thanks so much to everyone who joined us this month, we had a bumper crop including quite a few newbies as well as old troopers.
I hope you enjoyed the experience and if you have the time you will visit as many Lifers as you can to read about their day, leave a comment too if you can.

11 Responses to “A Day in My Life”

  1. I always used to feel such joy when my peace lily flowered. I had that plant for years, it gave up the ghost when we moved house.

  2. You have a lot of heat there and here we are freezing.


  3. It's lovely to be up early when the house is quiet...I didn't manage it this morning though!

  4. Your whole day seems delicious!...Ahhh, summertime...

  5. Sounds like a lovely day!

    High Society is one of my favourite movies :)

  6. That doll is just so cute!
    I love her hair!
    -sandy toe

  7. Poor Pop! I hope he feels better soon. I enjoyed reading about your day =)

  8. Hi Jenny! I loved reading about your day. We're in the middle of a winter storm today, so I also especially enjoyed seeing the pictures of the beach. :-) Here is my link for my "day in the life" post, if you would please include me. I'm actually on time!



  9. You have a beautiful way of sharing your days. They always sound so lovely.
    I've posted my day too.


  10. What a lovely and pleasant day. Where's the moment where you freak out about all you have to do? ;-)

    (Linked to you from Daffodil Dreams)


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