Bits and pieces.

5 Jan 2009

nice words

I received a beautiful gift in the mail the other day from Michelle who was the winner of my last give away.
I don't know if Michelle made this lovely card but it has a beautiful quote on the front, don't you think?

Stephen mowing the lawn

Stephen mowing the lawn under the clothesline wearing his cricket hat and his very best, repaired more times than you can imagine gardening clothes and surrounded by not very productive raspberries and self seeded potatoes.

Henny and her baby

And here is Henny and her dear little baby.

present from Michelle

These are the fabrics that Michelle sent me.
Lovely big pieces that might just become aprons.

And this is another little present I received by email from my friend
Samantha in New York.
Samantha makes
fabulous jewellery from various vintage bits and pieces and she happened upon this little wooden duck with my name on it.

5 Responses to “Bits and pieces.”

  1. Lovely post...and wonderful quote. :)

  2. I just wrote a post on my blog entitled "Bits and Pieces" and now I visit your blog and see you also wrote a post today with the same title! Love your blog. have a lovely year.

  3. What a fantastic little toy duck - how fabulous for it have your name on it.

    Great to see summer-time photos. Here in the UK we're in the grip of freeeeeeezing winter weather - your summery photos really warmed me up!

  4. Hi Jenny, glad the parcel arrived safely. I didn't make that lovely card(I wish I was so talented!) it was sent to me in a swap from a lovely lady in the US and I thought you would appreciate the wonderful quote.
    Love that little yellow duck, just gorgeous.
    Cheers, Michelle.

  5. Hennie and her baby are just the cutest. I'm having withdrawal symptoms from my little farm...oh someday we will return.


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