31 Jan 2009


The apricots are finally ripe and we are eating more than is good for us.

Might be time to do some jam making but it's just too hot.

It's hot, 36C in my kitchen

It's 36C (97F)in my cool kitchen that never gets above 25C ( 77F) ,

it's hot, badger the cat stretches long to get cool

Badger's strategy is to stretch out as long as he possibly can and to move to different parts of the floor often to find a cool spot.

doll clothes scraps

I have spent bits and pieces of this hot day cutting out doll clothes,
even that was a sweaty job.


For dinner tonight we are having Mumma's Chicken cooked in my vintage ( and slightly grimy) 1950s electric frypan to keep the kitchen just a little cooler.

Got to go, it's ready.

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  1. Yummy apricots they do look good, gosh it is hot for you and poor kitty. I always feel sorry for the animals with there thick fur coats they can not take off when hot, but my JRussell will still sleep in the sun on the grass until she can't take it anymore. best wishes Julie.C

  2. It is hot isn't it. I live in the Blue Mountains in NSW and our average summer temp is 25 but we have been having temps up around 35. Our apricot tree had a lot of fruit but it was so hot it all ripened at once and within a couple of days the fruit was no good. An absolute waste. Our nectarines are on the point of ripening so I am going to pick them really fast, stew them in the morning when it is cool and put them in the freezer.

    I hope we get some rain soon. We get our water from a dam in another town and it so low that the water is coming through almost black now. Almost third world conditions. I haven't been able to bath my children for over a week.

    A cool change would be nice.

    Warmly, Mrs MacKenzie

  3. Phew, my sympathies to you in the intense heat you are having at the moment. Although I wish it was summer here, instead of grey, cold winter, I could not survive your temperatures. 20 degreesC is about as much as I can stand, anything above 25c is torture for me.

    Those apricots look wonderful. :)

  4. I love apricots. It's my favorite jam.

  5. sorry for your misery. it's 27 degrees here, and we are without fresh fruits and veg, so that apricot looks absolutely lovely!

  6. Yes, that is about as bad as it gets.

    Last night on the verandah the temp was 44, not sure if that means that was the real temperature.

  7. A fresh apricot sounds so good. I feel for you being that HOT. We're quite chilly up north.

    The chicken looks scrumptch!


  8. Oh those apricots look so tempting, we put up a bunch of them when they were in season here. They were smaller than that though. :l

    ~Strawberry Girl

  9. Oh my...that's hot, I could send you some snow we have here from Ontario Canada. It just won't stop this year! Try to stay cool and enjoy your yummy meal and apricots! Blessings, Heather

  10. So hot!! Worse than our summers around here, and that's saying something!

  11. fresh apricots look so good, a rare sight in India I haven't eaten one as yet they fall in the exotic fruits which are very expensive and are normally use at high end hotels...We eat a lot of dried apricots which are very dry and the semi-dry which come from the gulf countries which are expensive too but can be purchased and relished I love the yellow sunny colour of the dried apricots.. do you have any recipes for dry apricots...
    what will you have with the chicken fry?

  12. Hi Mahek, I don't have any dried apricot recipes. They are quite expensive here too. We usually have the chicken on a bed of rice plus lots of finely sliced lettuce. I like to have sweet chili sauce with it as well.


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