8 Dec 2008


This little one began her journey to Vermont on the weekend.

I have always fancied visiting Vermont but I never have and probably never will.

My doll can go for me.

Began the planning for Christmas dinner with my sister in law today.
Seems I have volunteered to be responsible for the first course.
I think I will make a terrine.
Easy to transport, easy to serve and tasty to eat.

Andy spent some time today fiddling around with his trial version of photoshop and made me a new shop banner; for my etsy shop.


and also my little Made it shop ( Australian sales only)


He did a good job don't you think.

He had lots of fun doing it as well.


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  1. What a sweet doll! Her sweater is perfect - and it's COLD in Vermont this time of year. Your dolls get cuter and cuter (have I said that before??!)
    Nice banners!

  2. She is so beautiful! I live in New England and we love to visit Vermont when we can. It is so beautiful there.

    Your doll that is journeying to VT is just lovely! You new banner is great, too!


  3. Hi Jen,your doll is a beauty. I like the banners your son made for you,I think he did a great job.
    I am just wondering about your Christmas decorating,do you put up a big tree in your home? Hope you don't mind me asking. I love the simple homemade style of your things.
    Have a blessed week,Shelley

  4. He has done a good job designing the banners,striking. Lovely doll as always, I like the design on the jumper really nice. Julie.C

  5. She's so sweet. She looks like she belongs in Vermont!

  6. Your Vermont girl is just lovely. I love her plaits. My daughter had plaits when she was young, her hair was so long she could sit on it. I told her she'd regret it when she had it cut and she did!
    Janet (UK)

  7. Oh I love her and Vermont too!

  8. What a beauty!
    I invitede you for a little game, go and look on my blog!

  9. She's lovely!! I like the colours in the jumper, she looks like she's all set for autumn!

  10. She's so lovely and her sweater is perfect for Vermont! I love the retro feel of the banners too.

  11. Good evening Jenny
    Another darling doll. The jumper is so cute & looks so warm...your doll is prepared for a cold Vermont winter. Your dolls certainly get to travel!
    PS. I am sure you have be asked this before...what ply wool do you use for the little jumpers?

  12. Hi Jenny, I use either 4 ply or 8ply wool depending on the style and look I am going for. I even occasionally use 12ply. This jumper is made from a variety of 8ply wools.


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