27 Dec 2008


So Christmas day is over and I must admit I now have joined the "I love Boxing Day Club".

What a blissful day Boxing Day was.


Christmas day at my brother's home was wonderful but exhausting, travelling south in a hired minibus so that the oldest generation didn't have to bother with the driving was fun.
We encountered some very unChristmas like road rage on the way down ( not fun) and sang and sang every Christmas song and carol we could think of on the slow journey home.


My brother and sister-in-law are generous hosts, the weather was fine and we all had a wonderful day.

I love the calm thoughtful time between Christmas and the New Year, don't you.

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  1. I also love Boxing Day. This year my husband got to be home from work which made it even nicer.

  2. Good to hear you enjoyed your Christmas. It was lovely here too, a little wearying but so good to have family around. I too enjoy this spell between Christmas and the New Year, a time to take a breath and reflect on what has gone, a time to think ahead.
    With warm wishes to you and your family

  3. Those raspberries look amazing. Quiet time at home together can be such a wonderful thing. I wish you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  4. O those berries! I just want to dive in head first!


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