30 Dec 2008

plums after the rain

Last night we had a good rain and this morning the garden was singing.

I love the lazy kind of energy you feel in a summer garden when the sun comes out after the rain.
Things are growing all around you but not with the same zingy kind of growth you see in the spring.
This lazy summer feeling invades the whole garden as the treasure on the fruit trees; apples, pears, apricots, plums, peaches, the fruit, already formed becomes larger and fatter and closer to ripeness like a pregnant belly.

the fantastic cactus

martian like cactus has BURST into bloom, two large softly fragrant , shell pink frothy flowers, ridiculously large in comparison to their bulbous prickly parent.
They look like two trumpet shaped ears.

pikelets for breakfast

Kate had a friend stay the night, a friend who seems just a little toooooo obsessed with shopping.
To stay overnight at our house without the prospect of going shopping was very very difficult for her.
I cooked everyone pikelets for breakfast.
Left to rest a while the mixture began to bubble and grow with the energy from two fresh duck eggs.

We only got three little chicks from the clutch of eggs that hatched on Christmas Eve.
Charlie the duck had been sneaking into the hen's nest and laying eggs as well, infertile eggs of course.
The hen stopped laying because there were enough eggs but only three of them were hers. The baby chicks are black like their mother with occasional white splodges, from their dad.
They have just started to go for little walks out of the henhouse and are much too shy to have their photo taken yet.
Very cute.

gnomes at the front door

Tomorrow I will be sewing Kate a new night dress.
I think I finally have my work table back to normal after the piles of this and that, patterns, fabric, ribbons,notes,wool, knitting needles, that seemed to grow and multiply in the weeks before Christmas have slowly resolved.

Stephen has been tending the vegie garden.
Our lettuces, planted as seeds so long ago and giving us wonderful greens for so many months, have finally gone to seed and a few other greens are now bolting as well so some new planting is needed.
The peas are dying off as they should and the beans are flowering.
The tomatoes are finally taking off properly after looking quite ill before Christmas, a good dose of old chook poo and blood and bone seems to have done the trick.

baby apples

Louis is at the Falls Festival until the New Year.
He was very excited, I'm sure it will be a huge experience for him.
He has only about six weeks left at home before he leaves to go to Uni.
What will that be like?
Home without Louis!
He has worked so hard to save money this year and his hard work studying the year before has paid off as he has been awarded a scholarship which pays his uni fees, so well done Louis.

fuschia at the front door

Have you heard of snails who like to climb trees?

Snails in the Golden Chain Tree

For some reason our Laburnum, Golden Chain Tree is irrestible to snails.

Even more so when it rains.

snail eating the Golden Chain Tree

The girls went out after breakfast to collect all the snails to feed them to Charlie the duck.

Is that cruel, I'm never sure.

plums after the rain

Tomorrow my two nephews are coming to stay for a couple of days so New Years Eve will celebrated at home and with a house full adolescent and pre-adolescent bodies.
Lots of giggles I'm sure.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! I love how fresh it all looks.
    I miss living in the country so much when I see your pictures. Before we moved to the US we had 10 acres in the country with fruit trees and big veggy garden...*sigh*

    Have a Happy New Year and may all your wishes for 2009 come true.

  2. Jenny, as always lovely photos- your fruit always looks wonderful! We have a sad lemon tree that never grows lemons, a fig tree and a plum tree that the cocky's and rosellas get to before the fruit is ripe. I think we have an apple tree right up in the far corner of the garden, but it only half grows apples. I think once we have finished settling inside the house, I will turn my attention to outside. Do you know of any good books I could read on the subject?

  3. What a lovely post Jenny. The photos are beautiful, your fruit is so much bigger than ours.
    Sounds like it will be a year of changes for your family, with Louis going to Uni, where will he be studying?
    I think I'd much rather be picking snails than shopping, I always let them go near the chooks then I don't feel so bad, I figure they have some chance of escaping. Maybe not from a duck though.

    Happy New Year

    cheers Kate

  4. Has it really been almost a year since Louis graduated? I can't believe it. I wish him much happiness in his coming adventure.

  5. Hi Jenny
    Yes this time of year is lovely in the garden. I can't wait for our tomatoes & apples to ripen. Yesterday we had to net our 2 apple trees to stop the cockies & parrots from eating the apples.
    Congratulations to Louis on being awarded a scholarship. Well done!

    We had lunch with friends today, but have chosen to have a quiet evening at home for New Years Eve.
    Best wishes to you & your family for 2009.

  6. Jenny, how lovely to see a summer garden when we're in the midst of winter here. People might think hot desert and camels when they hear "Israel", but it can get pretty cold up here in the mountains!!


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