1 Dec 2008

armidale order

I'm gradually working my way through my orders

armidale order

posting little people off to new homes

armidale order

Tomorrow Kate has her surgery to fix her poor broken nose.

I so hope everything goes smoothly.

armidale order

Sunday was spent at Gran's ( Mum's) where Kate and two of her friends held a Christmas stall to raise money for charity.

Christmas stall at gran's

They were so well organised and had lots to sell but the weather was against them.

Still they had a wonderful time, made $25 and sharpened their marketing skills.

Gran's garden

I think Mum and Dad enjoyed having us there.
Mum made us lunch and happily opened her home to the girls, Mum even made a sign for them to put up near the road to attract customers.

The picture above is part of my mother's pride and joy, her garden.
Very pretty.

Sorry to be so slow getting the mermaids and pixies in the shop.
We have had more appointments today and yesterday I was out of the house all day.
I am now aiming for Wednesday providing everything goes well for Kate tomorrow.

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  1. Recently discovered your blog, love your photos and stories of your home life. A wonderfully calm oasis to visit. Well done to Kate on selling her crafts. Your Mum's garden is lovely - we're in the depths of winter here(UK)so it's bracing walks and cosy fires for us.
    Thank you for letting me visit your home and good luck for Kate's op tomorrow,

  2. I'll be praying for Kate's surgery today and hoping that all goes well. I enjoyed the glimpse of Kate's stall and your Mom's pretty garden. Tell your Mom that I wish that I could walk around the garden with her and have her tell me the names of all the flowers. My mother and grandmother were both avid gardeners.



  3. Best wishes for Kate tomorrow - and for you!

  4. Wishing Kate all the best for surgery tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be fine and will pray for a quick and full recovery for Kate.Little "Ruby" is lovely and will be sent off to France soon. Thankyou.

  5. Your mother's garden is so very, very pretty!

  6. Wow...your Mother's garden is beautiful! What a fun idea the girls had! They should open an Etsy shop. ;o)
    Good luck tomorrow, Kate! ♥

  7. Hi Jen,love your sweet dolls..I am saying a prayer all goes well for dear Kate. Your Mums garden is beautiful!


  8. Lovely post again Jenny, love seeing your beautiful dolls and their gorgeous clothing. Your Mum's garden is lovely...it's so nice to see flowers and greenery...everything is grey and dark here.

    All the best for Kate's surgery. I'll be praying for you both.

    God Bless, xx

  9. I hope Kate's surgery goes well for her. I'm sure all will be well.

    And I love the little doll pictured with the curly hair and red ribbons!

    My best,

    Anna Marie

  10. The dolls are beautiful as always!

    I hope Kate goes well today xx

  11. We are praying for sweet Kate to have a easy day tomorrow and a fast recovery. Your mother's garden is fabulous! It is winter time in Texas, so a lovely flower picture almost makes me drool :)

  12. More good wishes for Kate... hope the surgery is uncomplicated and recovery is swift!

  13. Hi Jenny :) Praying with you for Kate. Love, Q

  14. I always enjoy a visit to your blog. Please stop by mine to receive a little award.

    I loved the photos of your Mum's garden. It took me a few moments to remember that you, of course, are in summer! We're heading into winter up here.

  15. Praying for Kate and her surgeon. I'm also praying for you. May you and your family have a peace about all of this. AND may recovery be smooth and rapid.

  16. Very best wishes to Kate. I will be thinking of her. I love visiting your blog, it is a joy.
    I really hope one of your lovely dolls will be able to come to Devon, England to live with me one day.

  17. The garden is oh..so pretty. Hope Kate surgery goes well. I love your dolls, the clothes are so sweet

  18. Good luck to Kate tomorrow, I hope it all goes really well and she's on the mend super fast.

  19. A hug and best wishes to kate, and I like the doll with the curly hair. Julie.c

  20. I hope all went well with Katie's little nose. Been thinking of you both and praying. I hope you got her an extra special treat, JAM.
    xo Jewels

  21. Hi Jenny,I hope all went well for Kate & best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Your Mum must have a green thumb...what a beautiful garden, it must give your parents a lot of pleasure to look out onto such view.

  22. I like the little curly-headed doll. That was me a long time ago and now I have silver mixed in my hair.

    I always enjoy visiting here, Jenny.


    P.S. The mermaid tails look perfect.


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