22 Dec 2008

woven heart

I started the day early in the kitchen doing some catch up baking to replenish the food stocks - shortbread and yummies baked to fill the biscuit tins.

I also had some present shopping to do, and a visit to the library for Kate.

Town was sooooo busy but I saw lots of familiar faces, most people seemed quite happy.

Books are big on the list this year and some new board games.

I also bought some chocolate treats to fill stockings and the alarming number of pretty shapes that seem to be appearing on the Christmas tree waiting to be filled on Christmas Eve.

I have made some chocolatey and sweet treats to be kept until Christmas Eve but I'll add some of the pretty foil wrapped shop bought kind as well.

The little woven heart above is many years old, made when Kate was a baby.
It is made of felt but you can also make them from paper and I think cloth that has been stiffened with iron on stabiliser would be lovely too.
I made mine in my long ago Steiner mothers craft group but you can find lots of instructions on line such as
these and you can read a little of the history of this Danish craft here and here and here is another idea to sew the halves together and stuff them, and look at these amazing ones with patterns you can download.


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  1. Once again I love your photos- they are beautiful! (Even when it is of your flour tin!) They make your post seem more 'alive.'

  2. Lovely relaxing post Jenny. Have a wonderful Christmas, see you soon! xx

  3. Lovely tree decoration, thank you for the links. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Julie.C

  4. I'm still baking as well. My boys are done with school until the new year and they are helping too. I think we will still make some gingerbread houses and then we're done.
    I have to venture out one last time to pick up a few odds and ends then that's done too.

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Merry Christmas, Jenny. Thanks for your writing during the year. It's been a pleasure to visit you.

  6. It has been a long time since I have seen a tea cup in flour. Love it!


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