7 Dec 2008


I had such a fun day yesterday at the market.

I met lots of lovely new people including a fellow blogger, Jo.

Lots of lovely compliments and interested questions about my dolls and me.

Some fellow crafters including a dollmaker and needlewoman.

I made a little money, trade was slow, I think the market needs some publicity.
Such a lovely setting and so many hopeful crafters I hope it earns a bigger audience soon.


I'll share a few Christmas decos with you.
You will have to excuse my ongoing fuzzy camera problems.

This "stitchery" that isn't is based on a design by NSW designer Stephanie Simes.
It is from a self published book called Twelve Days 'til Christmas - Prepare a traditional Christmas".
The book was published in 2001 ( ISBN 0 9578747 0 7 ).
I don't know if it is possible to get hold of a copy,
I know that Stephanie used to live in the Nowra area on the south coast of NSW. Her surname is now Watts.
Her business was called Mumruffin Cottage and she did have some designs in Handmade magazine as well as others.

I couldn't find any listing of her book but this place has another of hers so it may have more if you are interested.

Anyway, this little design was supposed to be a stitchery but, running true to last minute form I felt I didn't have time to stitch this one ( no doubt I was making a bazillion other things as well as usual).

So I traced off the design using a fine fabric pen in a pale brown.
I pressed that to set the ink then proceeded to colour in the various shapes using some normal children's wax crayons.

I then placed a piece of greaseproof paper or baking paper over the top and ironed this too, on a low temperature so that the crayon melted and soaked onto the fabric and the colour was set.

I then trimmed it and bound it , put a couple of loops on the top and it was done. I couldn't believe how clever I had been.

The calico that I used had been tea stained but it has mostly faded out because this normally hangs in the porch at Christmas time, near the front door, and soaks up the late morning sun.
The tea stain faded but the pen and crayon haven't.

It normally hang from a stick cut from the garden but this year it is hanging over the loungeroom fire.

Christmas " stitchery"

Sweet, don't you think.

advent candles

This year's Advent wreath is following last year's example and is instead a row of four candles to be lit for each of the four Sundays of Advent.

We say a little verse as well:

"When the evening is dark ,
each tiny spark,
brightens the way to Christmas Day.
Shine little light and show us the way,
to the bright light of Christmas Day."

Then we sing:
"See the little candle burning, burning bright.
Oh how we love to see the light."

We sing it through twice.

It is only Kate and me who sing it now though the boys, I'm sure, listen and remember.

christmas table runner

This table runner/banner is also a Stephanie Simes design from the same book.

This time I did do all the stitching but I never did the binding, I used the pinking shears instead and trimmed around to neaten it.

Normally this hangs over the loungeroom fire but this year it has moved to the kitchen table. The buttons are handmade and cut out of Sculpy.

Now this handy little book also contains some seasonal recipes.

There is one I use each year called Almond Shortcake.

Here it is:

Rub 8oz butter, 8oz of sugar,4oz almond meal and 12oz self raising flour together.

Mix in two eggs to bind mixture.

Press into large flan tin.

Press a handful of flaked almonds on top of mixture.

Cook in moderate oven 45-50 minutes.

Cool in tin.

Sprinkle with icing sugar mixture.

It is yummy and, if as usual you are running a bit short on time, you can whizz it all in the food processor and it comes out just as nice providing you don't over do it.

So, a restful day here today,
taking a deep breath after a busy and varied week,
just focussing on today,
right now,
I'll let tomorrow take care of itself.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the day at the market,must be nice to meet someone who reads your blog.I like the table runner nice bright cheery colours.Julie.C

  2. You seem to love the Christmas season? do you attend a particular church?

    Excuse me if I'm nosy. I am coming back to my faith and am looking at different churches.

    Love the steady flow to your days.


  3. Dear Jenny, it was so lovely to meet you on Saturday and take away some 'sewed up with love' treasures to hide away for Christmas. And for everyone out there in blogland, Jenny really does have beautiful, friendly crinkly eyes, and Jenny, your nose is fine. No more self-critical remarks about it, OK?

  4. Good evening Jenny
    What beautiful flowers you have in your home, are they from your garden? And I spied what looks to be an interesting quilt on the wall in your first photo.
    A pity the market wasn't as busy as it could have been. It would have been lovely to meet other women that have the same interest as yourself.


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