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15 Dec 2008

Woman and Home December 1946

I had a beautiful sleep in yesterday. I felt exhausted and achy all day Saturday, some horrible lurgy trying to get me.

Truth be told I didn't feel much better when I woke on Sunday but at least I wasn't sleepy anymore.

It was still windy and wintery as it has been for the past few days, not summery at all so most of the day was spent indoors.

Woman and Home December 1946

Because I was up late I missed out on having the first few hours of my day alone.
Andy was already up and had taken care of the cats.
I spent the first hour of the day on the computer with a cup of coffee.
After reading emails and comments to find out who else was joining me in this month's ADIML I checked blogs and then moved on to the current fascination - miniature knitting for dollhouse dolls.

Woman and Home December 1946

You might remember my post from earlier in the year about the 1930 and 40s dollhouse book I borrowed from the library.
It showed how to decorate a dollhouse in the style of those times and had some lovely furniture and knick knacks as well as the dolls all dressed in the home based fashions of the day.
The book didn't have any knitting patterns though.

Woman and Home December 1946

From what I can tell England seems to be the best resource for these things with a couple of great miniature knitwear designers : Lesley Roberts and Buttercup Miniatures ( who also have an interesting blog ) plus an American lady who practices "extreme" knitting.

Woman and Home December 1946

By this time Kate was out of bed and there was someone who could appreciate the beauty of these tiny things a little more than a 16 year old boy.
Mind you he did try.

We were almost out of milk so a big discussion resulted in Kate and me agreeing that it was definitely Andy's turn to go to the shop but he took so long getting himself ready that rain was threatening. We made him go anyway, after all it was his turn.

The rain came down heavily and on an extreme angle about ten minutes after he left but he somehow managed to dodge most of it so we didn't have to feel guilty.

Woman and Home December 1946

By this time Louis was up too and looking too flash. He has been very tired lately from a couple of late nights and busy days at work.
He looked like he needed a pyjama day.

I made some porridge for myself, no one else was interested and then settled down with a pile of old Christmas craft magazines, mostly from the past twenty years but also this 1946 Woman and Home magazine that you see in my pictures.

It was surprising to me that the old magazine had nothing about decorating the home . The Christmas articles concentrated on Christmas party preparations and food for Christmas Day. Perhaps the Christmas craft was in the November issue or perhaps they just didn't bother.

I'm in the midst of making Christmas presents plus finishing off a few custom made dolls for Australian customers.
The local custom made dolls are so much easier to do because I don't have to deal with a visit to the post office to fill out customs forms.
The Post office in the weeks before Christmas is such a busy place with all those late parcel people, like me, queuing out the door, our numbers inflated by the people who are actually buying presents at the post office and those who pay their bills there too.
And still the Post Office closes early and most aren't open on Saturdays.

So the morning passed with everyone reading or cruising around on the computer, eating breakfast and wondering where summer was.
The Christmas tree is up and looking beautiful as usual.
It's in a new spot this year, next to the fire.
Kate started putting it up on Saturday and the boys and Stephen were being no help at all but gradually the realisation that while they are in the mid to late teens Kate is only 11 and Christmas is different when you are 11.
They seemed to understand that they share a responsibility to make Christmas magic for others and then they started helping and enjoyed it as well.
It must be hard being the youngest when there is a bit of an age gap and no other young sibling to share with.
Anyway, part of the process of growing up is understanding that you have an obligation to keep the magic of childhood safe for those who come after you, by keeping up with the rituals and traditions that made your own childhood experience so rich.
It's good practice for when the boys have their own families, they are learning how to make Christmas.

So yesterday passed with lots of reading, crafting, movie watching (on the computer with plenty of time waiting for the next part to download), popcorn eating, game playing and so on.

I felt pretty awful all day so a slothful day was just the ticket.
Everyone made their own toasted sandwich for lunch.
Hot drinks were the order of the day and just a few Christmas chocolates as well.

Woman and Home December 1946

Late in the afternoon, Kate was supposed to go to her horse riding Christmas break up.
The car battery was flat and it was too late to organise a ride with a friend because they had already left.
Much disappointment all round but like the trooper she is Kate rallied and came for a walk instead with Stephen and me.

We had jacket potatoes for tea with all kinds of bits and pieces.
The boys, well Louis really, orgainsed tea and we finished off with a big bowl of ice cream.

Finally the washing ,which has been wet and dry and wet and dry and wet and dry since Friday, was dry at the right time so I quickly brought it in on my way back from shutting the hens in for the night.
One of the hens has been sitting on eggs for the past two weeks and as we do have a rooster we are expecting some chicks before Christmas.


After dinner we watched a comedy show the boys down loaded and then played the board game that Kate and two classmates made at school, a complicated affair.
Then all the sensible people went to bed leaving the boys in the midst of some other complicated board game.

And that was my very family, very quiet, lots of fun Sunday and I am feeling much better today.

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10 Responses to “A Day in My Life - December”

  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well (hope today is better) but it sounds like you had a wonderful, lazy Sunday none-the-less. You have such a wonderful family and I've enjoyed getting to know you all through your blog. Wonderful that the teenage boys do things with Kate.


  2. Hello Jenny, Thanks for the look at the 1946 magazine. That was my first Christmas and I was 5 months old. Times were very tough then after the war, money scarce, people traumatised. My father was a returned soldier having spent 6 years serving mostly overseas with the Australian Army. That year saw the arrival of many of the earliest baby boomers and I guess our births brought hope and happiness in these difficult times.
    Chritmas celebrations were very simple.
    Glad you are feeling better, we have had a similar bug in Qld.

  3. We all had a nasty cold over the last few weeks and that set me back on my "to do" list .I think I have finally caught up though.
    I do a 12 of 12 if anyone would like to have a look.
    All the best!

  4. Hello Jenny,
    Here is the link for my "day in the life" post. Thank you, as always, for sharing a peek into your days. I enjoy each and every visit with you. :-)



  5. I have only posted my "Day in My Life" today. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. I feel so sad because I wanted very much to join A Day in My Life but I couldn't because my little girl had a high fever and kept vomiting so I was not feeling in the mood to participate.
    Sorry to everybody that saw my blog's name and couldn't find the post.
    I feel a bit ashemed but I really couldn't do it. So, I'm thinking of posting today (later).


  7. Sounds like a very busy day even if you weren't feeling well. I am about to post my Day in a Life. We also had a busy day.

  8. I'm glad you're feeling better today Jenny. You obviously needed a pyjama day too. Well done to your boys for keeping the magic of Xmas going for Kate.

  9. Sounds like a lovely day. Glad you are feeling better. I, too am into the mini-knit...though I haven't tried any smaller, I have been knitting for Hitty, who is about 1:10 scale. (Dollhouse dolls are smaller...1:12 scale.) Of course if you know about bugknits, you know how tiny these things can get!!! It's great fun! :o)

  10. Glad to hear you're feeling better. A 'Pyjama Day' is a good expression!
    Here in the UK our small Post Offices are being closed down, some of the remaining bigger ones are being sited in supermarkets and shops. Small villages are losing a vital part of their community. I'm in a rural area and my nerarest Post Office is 3 miles away.
    Janet (UK)


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