5 Dec 2008


Hot chocolate weather here today.
Nothing like the cold temperatures some of you are having but it is only 15C in my kitchen and it's December for goodness sake.

Perfect crafting weather.
Perfect pyjama day weather.
Perfect day to spend with my Kate drinking hot chocolate, beside the fire no less and make as many things as we can for tomorrow's market and a present for one of Kate's friends.

If you are in Launceston tomorrow and looking for something handmade, homemade, local and gorgeous come down to the market at the Pilgrim hall, Paterson Street.
The market starts at 10am and runs through to 3pm.

See you there.

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  1. Wow-- I'm to the east of Melbourne in the hills and it is fast approaching 30 degrees (celsius) here today. It's amazing how different it is even though we are (comparatively) not that far away. I was chilly this morning but it heated right up and it is not midday yet. Have fun crafting with Kate- can't wait to see a picture of your goodies!

  2. Good luck with the markets tomorrow jenny I bet it will be busy and loads of your little ones will find new homes.


  3. I am coming down to Tassie next year so I hope I get to visit the markets while I'm there.
    Good luck I hope you have a very successful day.

  4. We are still having sleet and icy weather here in England, so I am still knitting scarfs and gloves to cover myself in. I would love to go to your market but I will wait and see your photos. I love the cup & saucer. Julie.C

  5. 15 degrees? Stop it, you're making me jealous! It was -5 here two days ago! Love your Christmassy cup and saucer though! :)

  6. It is a cold and blustery December day here in Texas! How is sweet Kate's nose? I love, love, love to go to markets full of handmade treasures, but you live a "little" too far away :)

  7. Hi Jenny
    Hope today at the market is a successful one for you. Wish your market was nearby and I would finish off my Christmas shopping there. I plan to go to the Yarra Glen market tomorrow...great market everything on sale has to be handmade, homebaked or home grown.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Being from the U.S. I am assuming this is when your children have their school break? I knew that all of you "down under", were on a different season than us, but never thought about it being when the kids are on school break.

    That is so nice that you have lots of time with your daughter during the Christmas season! Special!


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