3 Dec 2008


Hello everyone.
I feel as though I have been away for a week instead of a day in the never never land of hospital.

Kate's operation went really well , she has has very little pain and only a little swelling.
The doctors and nurses all treated her with kindness and respect and she was a wonderful little patient.

I am so grateful for our public health service which manages to care for the sick in our community even though they have very poor funding.
As a family we have no private health insurance so we rely on the universal health care provided by the government.
When I worked as a physiotherapist it was mainly within the public health system in teaching hospitals.

So now the saga of the cricket ball and broken nose is moving into the past we can really get into the Christmas mood.
Kate has to wear a splint for a few more days and then we can unveil her sweet little nose.


We have started to decorate the house.
A little here, a little there.
The Advent calendar is under way and the Advent wreath and candles.

Decorations on the mantelpiece, a wreath on the front door and the back.
The snow globe sits next to the mantel clock.
I have always loved snow globes.
Obviously others do too because of course there is a Flickr group to prove it.

I only have one and Kate has a small one as well.
So I'm not a dedicated collector, it is just something that has fascinated me since I was a young girl.
I think my grandmother had a snow globe with the Sydney Harbour Bridge inside - very appropriate as I'm sure it snows in Sydney Harbour every year.

I bought a Christmas themed one when the boys were only young and Andy had one of those years when he was about 3 or 4 when everything he picked up just slipped through his fingers and smashed.
Twelve years on and last year I finally bought a replacement, you can just see the base of it in my Christmas header picture up above.


Louis and Stephen went to Hobart today to sort out Louis' Uni course for next year.
He has been very undecided about whether to go to Hobart or Monash in Melbourne but I think today settled his mind that he would be able to do the subjects he wants in Hobart.
I think they had a good day together.

Andy spent the day at a friend's house and Kate and I had a wonderful day at home together. We enjoyed each others company so much and I could feel the start of that new phase where my little girl changes to a young woman and we share a friendship as well as a mother/ daughter relationship.
She is a great conversationalist and is thinking deeply about many things.
I just love it.
What a privilege.
What a gift.
What a blessing.


Now for an Etsy update. I tried to put some things in the shop this afternoon but I just couldn't take any decent pictures, I don't know if it was me or the camera but all I could manage was a hand ful of just passable pictures of a little Christmas pixie and that was it.
I am recharging the camera batteries and I'll try again tomorrow.

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  1. So glad everything is going well with kate. The photos from your garden are beautiful just what I needed to see, here in England its frosty cold and icy underfoot. I had a peek at the christmas pixie really nice. Julie.C

  2. Jenny, I'm glad to hear Kate's operation went smoothly. Hope her nose is as good as new very soon.

  3. Good evening Jenny,
    So good to hear that all went well for Kate.
    We are blessed to have a daughter & a son. But there is the special joy, as a Mother, of watching your 'little' girl become a young woman, and being able to understand her feelings (most of the time!)and connect with her.
    Our daughter is now 23 and over the last 2 years she has been overseas to travel and now works interstate for 7-8 months of the year, then we have the joy of her being at home with us once again for 2-3 months before she heads off once again. We now find the bond between her & our family has grown stronger. The old saying ..absence makes the heart grow fonder' is so very true. I do wish as a parent that she stayed close to home all the time...but we have to let them fly from the nest at some stage with our blessings.

  4. Oh Jenny, I am glad all went well for Kate. Take a deep breath!

  5. I think Kate must be avery sweet young lady and has shown a great attitiude about her nose. But then she has a great Mum doesn't she. Cherrie

  6. Glad to hear Kate's operation went well. Speedy recovery, Kate!


  7. Delighted to hear Kate's surgery is over. Wishing her a speedy recovery and much fun preparing for Christmas.
    Jayne xo

  8. Oh, I'm so glad everything went well with kate's op.

  9. I was so glad to read that Katie's operation went well. She is a brave young lady. Blessings to all of you.

  10. Good to hear that Kate is doing well. I've a daughter too and agree the mother/daughter relationship is so special and something to cherish. My girl is now an adult and married but we continue to have that closeness, I feel so lucky that we're still on the same wavelength.
    I'd love to see some photos of your decorated house when you get your batteries charged. Been Christmas present buying this morning so my 'batteries' could do with charging! Exhausting stuff!
    Kind wishes to Kate for continued recovery.
    Janet (UK)

  11. Hi Jen, I am so glad all went very well with Kate's surgery. Sounds like she was a brave little soul through all of her ordeal. I love the little Christmas trees in your header. I hope you will be sharing more pictures of how you decorate for Christmas.I have always had a love for snow globes as well. I wouldn't want to go through the Christmas season without shaking a snow globe atleast once(smile).


  12. Yes, it is truly a blessing and a gift to have the sort of relationship between a mother and daughter as you described.
    And a great universal health plan (wish we had that here in th US).
    I am happy to hear that Kate is well!
    I can't wait to see your new dolls(which is why I check your shop a million times a day to see if they're listed!).

  13. So glad the surgery went well. Praying for a quick healing for Kate.

  14. So glad everything went well for Kate, now you can all relax and get ready for Christmas! :)

  15. Great news that Kate's operation went well!


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