11 Dec 2008

cover of my 1973 school note pad

This is the cover of my 1973 school notepad.
I used the pad to write my homework in plus reminders and so on.
It was my first year of secondary school at Broadland House.

Isn't this the most perfect picture of a girl and her dolly.
There is no artist noted just the company name of Kruger and that it was made in West Germany.
The cover could be torn off to use as a postcard.

Do any of my European readers recognise this work or the style of a particular artist?
I would love to know who painted this and if they have any other published work.

I discovered this notepad while exploring at mum's.
I also found the things I was actually looking for... THE PAPER DOLLS.

Oh joy.
My Mum has kept them all these years.
I haven't had time to photograph them yet but Kate has had a wonderful time going through them especially after her surgery last week.
Thank heavens for a mother who doesn't continually declutter but recognises the heartfelt value of the little keepsakes of my childhood.

Did you love paper dolls?

I can't wait till I have time to take a few photos.

My all time favourites were my Dolly Darlings.

has taken some picture of her set so I'll link to hers to whet your appetite.

originally uploaded by Malphi

I shared these dolls with my sister.
My favourite Dolly darling was Beth but I loved them all.

9 Responses to “Ephemera”

  1. Oh my how I loved paper dolls back in the early 50's when I was a child I spent many hours playing with them.

  2. My goodness what a find,the little girl with her doll looks so sweet. I remember paper dolls but mine were a bit later, I think they were called Twinkle. It was the little girl from the comic Twinkle. Julie.C

  3. It's a lovely painting-- she reminds me of one of your dolls!

  4. What a lovely post! I loved paper dolls as a child. Just recently I discovered some new greeting cards with Mabel Lucie Attwell's illustrations on them..lovely to see as my childhood books always seemed to feature her sweet drawings.

  5. Love that illustration and paper dolls! Sorry, I don't recognise the artist. xx

  6. Oh I loved my paper dolls and spent hours putting their paper clothes on & off. This was in the mid to late 50's but I can't remember what make they were. When the tabs holding their clothes on got torn they were patched up with sellotape. I also made my own paper clothes for them tracing colouring and cutting out. Thanks for the memory jogging!
    Janet (UK)

  7. I did love paper dolls very much. There were so many clothes and they were so portible.

    I get them in my Mary Engelbreit magazine and I find a little girl to introduce paperdolls too.

    Paper dolls are definetly an oldie but goodie.

  8. I used to just love my paper cut out dolls. We used to keep them in one of those wonderful old chocolate boxes with a picture of an old English country cottage on the front. Both the dolls and the chocolate box are a disappeared part of my childhood.


  9. I loved paper dolls too. I had several with lots of vintage style clothes. And the munsters of all things. Very creepy with ice skates that had razor blades on them. What was my mother thinking lol.


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