Christmas Beetle

12 Dec 2008


Right on cue, the Christmas Beetle arrives in the front garden .
This one is a beauty.
We found another on the way to the Post Office, it was golden .

Now we know for sure that Christmas is just around the corner.


It was so special to find one of these when I was a child.
I hate to say it was even better to find a dead one because you could wear it like a brooch, its hooky feet and legs would cling to your shirt and look so pretty.

6 Responses to “Christmas Beetle”

  1. OOOOO!!! What a lovely beetle!! We don't have any beetles here that pretty color.
    Your dolls are so sweet, I am glad to have found your blog through my friend at RemotTreeChanger!
    You're welcome to visit me anytime!

  2. That certainly is a beauty - such vivid colouring. Yes christmas is only just around the corner, not quite ready for it yet but getting there, a bit at a time.
    A Happy Friday to you. Though it will be Saturday when you read this, I think you're 11 hours ahead of us.
    Janet (UK)

  3. That is one beautiful beetle.:)

  4. Ewww...well, he is pretty! Not sure I would like to wear him however!

  5. Great shot, haven't seen any up here yet


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