29 Dec 2008

After a terrifying visit to the supermarket it is clear to me that my main job continues to be running a frugal home.
The prices of everyday goods seem to have jumped yet again since last I was there, about a week before Christmas.

With all the craft and doll making that went on before Christmas, all the extra end of school activities not to mention Kate's nose operation and Stephen's interview for a new job, homemaking had kind of just bubbled along.
Lots of times it was a lick and a promise but not always.
We did still manage the occasional deep clean.
I didn't feel though through November and December that I was really wholeheartedly steering my home, I didn't feel that I was as in tune with my home and family as usual.

Thankfully this is returning to normal and I feel that I must have a review of how I run my home.
To run a home properly and frugally you need to be doing more than a lick and a promise, I missed the grounding effect of doing my "job" properly.
The slight madness that inhabits homes in the lead up to the end of the school year and the magic of Christmas gives way to the need to put things in order.
Not just tidy away the flotsam of Advent decorations but as you find homes for gifts received you go through what you already have and cull the excess.
As you resist the need to buy food when you have been overdosing on food for the past week or more you search through your pantry and fridge, through the vegetable garden and fruit trees to see what meals you can come up with to avoid food shopping.

The busyness and excess and overactivity that comes with a big family Christmas, even a simple Christmas, leads us effortlessly to getting our house in order, reinstating our best homemaking practises and taking pleasure in the rhythms of our household.

It seems to be much the same way as the impending birth of a baby is surrounded by a flurry of activity and preparation and the birth leaves us exhausted but is followed organically by a time of gentle reorganisation and rejigging as we welcome this new life into our lives.

So this time , the twelve days of Christmas , gives me the space to get comfortable in my home again, to decide what I will take with me into 2009 and what can be left behind.
It gives me time to finish any little things that have been left undone or to decide that they should be abandoned so that I can enter the New Year unencumbered by should-have-dones from the past year .

Part of the gift of Christmas is to help us assess what we have and what we need both spiritually and materially;
to see that the gift of love can take many forms and caring for our families by providing them with a loving, safe, well cared for, creative, respectful home reaches beyond our own families.
We show our children how to love, how to care and they take that with them as they go.

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  1. This was a very apt post, all very true. A few days to reflect and ponder and get things in order.

  2. You have expressed beautifully exactly the way I am feeling! The need to tidy and organise and do better in the new year, and yet the chance now to take our time, to recover and rejuvenate. A lovely post.

  3. Oh yes, please, please, please come round here and dispense housekeeping wisdom when you have finished at your place!

  4. Lovely and thank you. I needed that little meditation this morning. I always become overwhelmed by the excess of Christmas and that feel that I've "lost a bit of control."

  5. Such an excellent post! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am thinking similarly as we stand at the threshold of the new year.


  6. Beautiful and inspiring words Jenny. Thank you and Happy New Year. Blessings, Tami

  7. Well said I couldn't have expressed it better myself.

  8. Thanks for your post Jenny- very true words. We haven't been living in our house very long, and I am so anxious to plant a vegetable garden and come up with a viable housekeeping routine. Now I feel like everything is so hit and miss! Supermarket shopping costs a fortune yet doesn't go very far. I plan on exploring this further in my blog over the coming year. Thanks again for your post, I come by daily and am always so inspired by your words. xox

  9. Jenny, I just can't tell you how much I really appreciate your blogging. I so identify with you! You sometimes take your post straight from my heart! Happy New year! De


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