1 Nov 2008


Well I have been out almost all day. The three men of the house had hoarded birthday money and gift certificates to spend and they just had to have me to help them to decide what to buy.

My aching feet.
It was lots of fun though.

Stephen and Louis found some bush walking boots for half price - good sturdy boots that should last a good few years.

Louis also found some casual shoes and a check shirt.

Andy at long last found a pair of comfortable jeans, also half price and some even cheaper denim shorts at 60% off and a t-shirt at 60% off. Andy has needed new jeans since his birthday in June and it has taken this long for him to be in the mood to shop and to find something that fitted comfortably without costing the earth.

My boys don't like shopping very much and would prefer it if their clothes just lasted for ever - wouldn't that be nice.


Now on to the business of the day.
My Tilda Pixie doll is all finished except for her black boots.

I used the ever reliable random integer generator and the number it spat out was 8, commenter number 8 was Tania from Melbourne, a long time reader of my blog. So Tan, if you could email me your address I'll post the doll off next week. We have a public holiday on Monday and Melbourne has one on Tuesday so I guess the doll will arrive when she arrives.

Thanks to every one for participating and for reading my blog as often as you do. Blogging wouldn't be the same if I was just shouting into the wilderness so Thank You.
I also want to thank everyone who had a look at the Natural Kids Store, over 100 of you took the time to look so that is fantastic.

Thank you.

For those who are waiting on my store to be updated, I'll have to do it tomorrow.
Today's unscheduled shopping trip put me behind with my picture taking.
I find actually getting the dolls into the shop very time consuming, taking photos and editing and then doing the actual listing.
It's sort of fun but I am fussy about my pictures so I need plenty of time.


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  1. Congratulations to Tanya! I'm sure she will be madly in love with her beautiful Tilda doll!

    love, Tina :)

  2. Good evening Jenny, the Tilda doll is just beautiful. I love her outfit.
    Congrats to Tania on being the lucky new owner of such a lovely doll.
    I wish men's clothes would last, that would be easier than going shopping with them, what an ordeal.

  3. Congratulations to Tania! What fun! Yippee!!

  4. How fun, congratulations Tania. Enjoy your sweet gift!

  5. My goodness, I just logged on and saw my name - what can I say? Im so grateful Jenny, she is absolutely beautiful and I feel very spoilt. Tilda will be a very treasured doll in this house for years to come!
    Thank you!

  6. Congratulations to Tania! Thanks for hosting this draw, Jenny. I'm sure everyone had fun participating.

  7. The tilda doll looks so sweet, I'm sure Tania will be so happy.
    With Smiles


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