Three things

23 Nov 2008


So this is how it goes:

1. While peacefully waiting in line to catch the bus home from school on Friday, somehow, from somewhere a cricket ball ( very, very hard and not supposed to be used at school) slammed into Kate's face and broke her nose. She is OK, just sore , but fine really.
My brother, the GP, checked it out and said she will need to have it fixed.
So that means rebroken and straightened....yuck!

2. I just realised this morning that it is my sister's birthday tomorrow and I don't have a gift for her. Oh rats. How did I forget.

oh yes, and


3. this little one is in the shop now.

She is a tiny little Christmas pixie and so sweet. I'm still working on two more of her little friends.



34 Responses to “Three things”

  1. So very sorry to hear of Kate's mishap. Ouch and ouch again. Do hope all goes well and that she is feeling much better soon. Of course she has no idea how painful this is for you as well. When she is a mama she will understand.

  2. Oh poor Kate! Just towards the end of school too when all of the fun starts!!!!

  3. oh dear, poor Kate. I hope she's okay. Hugs to you, Jenny.

  4. Oh poor Kate. How blessed you are to have a doctor in the family! I hope she's able to get that break fixed quickly.

    Hugs to you both.

  5. poor wee Kate. love to her for a speedy recovery. what a shock it must have been for her.

  6. Hope Kate feels better soon.. How handy to have a doctor for your brother.
    Love the new doll.

  7. Hope Kate is feeling better soon. What a painful and scary time for all of you.

    cheers Kate

  8. Oh poor Kate. I hope she feels less sore soon, and the re-setting isn't too traumatic. Somebody must have really been whacking that cricket ball around to do such damage, no wonder they're not allowed at school!

  9. Oh dear,poor Kate.
    I hope she feels better now.

  10. Poor Kate, what a horrid thing to happen. Hope she is feeling better soon, which I'm sure she will be with your love and care.

  11. Oh, gosh. Give Kate a hug for me. I hope she doesn't have too much pain.
    The dolly is adorable. Just precious.
    With all that is going on with Kate, I'm sure your sister will understand. Having you as a sister maybe is "gift" enough??

  12. Oh your poor daughter, that's very painful, I was hit by a cricket ball many years ago, no bones broken but I remember how much it hurt at the time. My Very Best Wishes for a speedy recovery, Bee.

  13. Ouch. I hope it all heals quickly and easily.

  14. Oh goodness poor Kate,it must have been so painful for her. I hope she is as comfortable as she can be.Julie.C

  15. Oh, no! Your poor Kate. How scary for all of you.

  16. Hope Kate is Ok. Well, when she is done growing, she can have a professional nose job and get the proboscis of her dreams. Not much of a silver lining, but I hope that she escapes sinus problems, etc and feels better soon!

    My best,

    Anna Marie

  17. Ouch!!! Poor Kate! I wish her well and pray for a swift recovery(I suppose after they re-break it...ick!)

    That pixie is darling!

    Lots of love,

  18. Oh poor Kate, she must be in a lot of pain. I hope all goes well with her operation. Poor you too, us Mum's have so many things to worry us at times.

    Lovely little dolly...just adorable.

    Sending hugs, xxx

  19. Oh, so sorry to hear about Kate!!!

    Praying for a quick and complete recover,

  20. i'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to your daughter!

    are you familiar with homeopathic remedies? arnica montana is wonderful for any kind of trauma to the body as it speeds up the healing process. it comes in tiny little sugar flavored pellets that you suck on after no food or drink for 20 minutes

    check your local natural foods store and ask someone there with knowledge about it if you wish. my daughter has had several surgeries and this did wonders for her.

  21. Hi Becky, amazingly Kate has had very little bruising but I will definitely keep Arnica on hand for when she has the procedure done. Thanks, Jenny

  22. Poor Kate. What an awful thing to happen. Hope she's brave when it comes to having it fixed.


  23. Ouch! That must have hurt! Thinking of you, Kate!

  24. Poor Kate-- a broken nose is so painful. I hope it heals quickly.

    Lovely doll as well!

  25. Sorry to hear what happened. Wishing Kate all the best in her recovery.Not easy for you too, Jenny.

  26. Dearest Jenny,
    I can't even imagine how painful that would of been. Hope she is feeling better soon. It's great you have a doctor in the family. I was only thinking the other day how handy it would be. But I am a hairdresser and my brother is a mechanic and you can never get your car fixed or a haircut done in our family, my husband is always asking me to cut his hair!
    Take care & God bless

  27. Poor Kate and near the holidays too. Praying for a quick recovery.

  28. Oh no, poor Kate! Such bad luck. I hope she's not in a lot of pain. I love the pixie, by the way.


  29. Good evening Jenny,I hope all goes well for Kate, wishing her a speedy recovery. Do follow up with the operation, as my husband broke his nose ice skating on his 14th birthday, and nothing was done about it and to this day he can not breathe correctly thru his nose. One of these days he will get it fixed!

  30. Oh Jenny, poor Kate. I can just hear the ball hitting her. The poor wee pet. Do wish her well from me please.


  31. Oh dear ((Kate))!! I'm *so* sorry that you got hurt. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! So sorry for *you*, too, sweet mama. Love and big gentle hugs to you both.
    xoxo Jewels


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