25 Nov 2008


Thank you so much for all your kind words for Kate.

She feels just fine, only a little soreness but if they go ahead and fix her nose I'm sure it will be more painful after the operation.
Dear little thing, the boys who were responsible for her broken nose were punished at school yesterday ( nothing too serious but to make them aware of the silliness of their actions) and now Kate feels bad that they have been punished because of her.
I explained that it wasn't because of her but rather because of what they did but she still felt bad.

So yesterday was a busy morning of housework dashed through I must admit but most parts were done thoroughly .
Dashed through because time was of the essence.
Here at Santa's workshop there are many dolls to be finished and posted off plus the sunshine on the window seat waits for no one and there is no better place to be to do a little pixie knitting.

Lunch was a toasted meatloaf and cheese sandwich which always feels vaguely American to me.
Meatloaf was unheard of in my childhood home apart from on the TV in various US family shows.
It was left over from Saturday night and makes great sandwiches reminiscent of the rissole sandwiches mum used to put in my school lunch.

After lunch I put out the last of the washing, dealt with a couple of emails and got myself ready to go out for afternoon tea to celebrate my sister's birthday.
What an adventure.
The plan was that mum and dad would pick me up first then continue on to my sisters then onto the coffee shop.
Mum arrive early as usual, twenty minutes early this time and I was still flapping around hunting down some knitting to take with me.
No I don't usually knit when I go out for afternoon tea, the knitting was for later.

Any way we continued on to pick up my sister who it turns out is a terrible back seat driver and wouldn't stop "helping" mum with her driving .
Oh dear.

Safely at the coffee shop which was busy and due to all the hard surfaces there it was quite noisy.

We ordered our drinks and chose our cake and then dad started to feel a bit queer, funny in the head because of all the noise so we had to move to a table outside.

Yesterday was sunny but very windy, a cold wind. Mum and dad didn't want to sit in the sun so we chose a shady but cold table and then dad complained about being chilly which it was.
Once the food and hot drinks arrived we were OK.

Later mum dropped me off at school to pick up Kate and we went off for her Doctors appointment which has lead to Xrays and a Specialists appointment on Thursday.
The knitting that I mentioned earlier was my ammunition for all the waiting time time that accompanies anything to do with Doctor's appointments.

We arrived home around teatime , walking through the door just as Stephen was standing in the hallway sending us a message - instant service.

It was a funny day.

Don't forget about the give away which happens tomorrow so if you want to join in you will need to leave your comment on last week's post. It has been an absolute joy to read all your reminiscences and I know many of you have taken the time time to read through everyone's comments and enjoyed all the warm cosy stories.
I don't know how I am ever going to choose.


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  1. Things have been so busy! Sounds like Kate is feeling okay, which is a relief. Just think of all the knitting you will get done while you wait for all her follow up doctor's appointments!!! :o)

  2. Jenny, your dolls are looking fabulous. I'm so glad Kate is feeling ok and that you had some knitting time. I always have a small project in the car that I can do a little of whilst waiting.

  3. oh, no, poor kate! what a freak accident to have happen. well ... glad she'll be set to rights soon. only hope the pain is as tiny as possible for her. lovely, lovely dolls, as always!

  4. Oh Jenny! Poor Kate. A similar thing happened to me in Year 2 at school and it HURTS! Will you tell Kate that she'll wake up one day soon and it just won't be aching as much, and then she'll know it's on the mend.

    Perhaps too, she'll have an increased sense of wonder at the feats of our test cricketers when they cop one on the head, or in other delicate areas!

    Re: your funny day. This sounds an awful lot like real life to me! Too noisy, too cold, too windy, too long etc I hope the coffee and cake were great to make up for the difficulties elsewhere.

    And (beginning a sentence with a prepostion - Mr Carter would be most displeased) the pixie is extraordinarily cute.

    Lisa x
    Lisa x

  5. Kate sure is a dear little thing! I hope everything goes as well as it can possibly go.
    Your dolls look so very lovely....

  6. I hope Kate's nose is good as new soon!..

    What a sweet mermaid doll at the picture above! I love her hair.

  7. Oh, I do hope that Kate is doing ok and will be feeling much better very soon.

  8. Oh Jenny I just read about Kate, the poor thing!! She is so sweet to worry about the boys being punished. I hope everything goes smoothly and comfortably for herin the next few days!


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