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Special doll

19 Nov 2008


I have really struggled with making this little doll.

I put off doing the finishing touches for as long as I possibly could.


I took forever to "get round" to knitting the blanket to keep the doll warm.

I couldn't work out why I was procrastinating so but really it didn't take a genius to work it out.

You see this little doll was specially ordered by a person who works with children who have been the victim of child abuse.
She needed a gentle, non gender specific doll to use when she was working with these poor little ones.
She needed a doll that could be any child, boy or girl, happy or sad.

She wanted a doll that was undressed or easy to undress so we settled on gentle underwear and a warm, safe blanket.
The little soft hat meant boy or girl hair wasn't an issue and the hat makes the doll look cared for.

I know this doll is special, it is going to do very important work and perhaps help someone who has been hurt, body and soul.
Normally my dolls are going to help celebrate something happy, a birthday or Christmas.
This doll is dealing with sadness but perhaps also it is dealing with a triumph of spirit, helping these children know that there is gentleness and comfort.
.That they will be listened to and innocent kindness still exists.

Wish my little doll well .


31 Responses to “Special doll”

  1. Jenny, what an amazing thing you have done here. I am in awe.

  2. Jenny ~ I can see why this doll was difficult to complete. You did a great job, though. Think of how this doll will be the beginning of a path to healing for those little ones. This doll is so beautiful, but especially for that reason.



  3. Jenny, I believe when we make something and put effort, time and thought into the process of making it, some of your soul goes in with the stitching. It's enmeshed in there and lives inside it evermore. Your doll will take part of you with her/him and I hope that will show the boys and girls who use the doll that goodness exists, even if it's hard to find sometimes.

  4. Jenny, your doll looks very comfortable sitting on your lounge. The first part of the dolls journey has begun may the doll bring some happiness into a little one's life. Congratulations on completing this doll, I am sure you did lots of soul searching while making this doll thinking of what this doll will encounter. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Jenny the doll is perfect. What a difficult task but what a wonderufl outcome. I will send my prayers for all the little people who will be helped by her and for the wonderful team of people who work with these children, they go with your special doll.


  6. What a wonderful cause- I can understand the difficulty in making a doll for such a reason, but I am sure this little doll will do good things for those children. xox

  7. What a Blessing you are giving.....your talents go far beyond your skills. The understanding you have shown in making him/her *will* come through to each of those precious little ones.
    You are truly a special person to have been entrusted with your gifts.

  8. As soon as I saw the pic of that doll I knew what the purpose was, even before you explained.

    That doll looks so vulnerable, but just arrived in safe hands. Still just wrapping the safety blanket around themselves, now that they are in safe harbour, but with such a traumatic story to relate.

    Your art is beautiful, and this doll will make a real difference.

    Well done, Jenny. Big hugs.

  9. Beautiful doll. Beautiful purpose.
    Its perfect.

  10. beatiful work. this little one brought tears to my eyes .... being a teacher of wee ones, and all.

  11. I am sure this was difficult doll to make. I pray that the doll helps some little ones in their time of need.

  12. What a moving and thought provoking post Jenny. I am sure you have put your heart and soul into this little doll and looking at the result I would say your procrastination has paid off.
    I do wish your little doll well, as it benefits those little ones who have been so tragically put in the position of needing its help and love.

  13. I'm sure the love you put into your doll will be felt be the children who will meet her.

  14. Dolly is precious. So are you. I can relate to how useful your dolls would be in that kind of work - my little pair are traumatised children, and the dolly I won from your blog is often used as part of our play therapy - it is a baby, but anything can be portrayed by the little waldorf face, and it is so soft that snuggling it is easy to do, with no plastic to dig in. There is something so nurturing about handmade natural dolls, and my children pick up on that and I know that this dolly will speak to the children he/she meets too. God bless.

  15. Oh God! My heart breaks when I hear things like this. What a wonderful gift for these children, my prayer is that it will help them to heal.

  16. When Lou was sick, it was her Waldorf doll that told the Doctor where things hurt. The doll you made looks so *safe* wrapped in the blanket. You've stitched a bit of your lovely and healing spirit into that doll as well. It's pretty special!

  17. What a good job you did on this doll, Jenny. Just right for the cause. I hope it will be part of a path of healing and comfort for those little ones.

  18. Good evening Jenny
    I imagine with each stitch, as a Mother, you would have been pouring your heartfelt wishes into the 'soul' of this beautiful doll.
    May all those children find peace & happiness.

  19. I hope the doll will work its magic and can give at least some healing to those children. You've done a great job Jenny, it's beautiful and gentle is the perfect word for it.


  20. Dear Jenny, as a little girl who was abused herself and as an adult who has worked with abused children, I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart that your doll will do so much good for those little ones. The care and effort are so worth while.

  21. Dear Jenny,

    What a beautiful doll. Your thoughtfulness about clothing, hat, expression, and blanket is so moving, for such a special purpose. May all our comments here be multiplied as blessings and prayers for the healing that will be accomplished.

    ~ Carole

  22. Difficult task but such a loving act. I too pray for the little ones who will hold this little dolly.

  23. Oh, that's a heartbreaking tale Jenny. I won't forget it for sure. It must have been a very difficult dolly to complete.

  24. A very difficult project indeed,but your gentle hands completed the doll with love and compassion. Any child who encounters your doll will feel at ease. You are so wonderful to take on this project.

  25. God bless you Jenny. Your dolls are so very special. This is my first time visiting your blog and it is lovely.
    Peace and blessings,

  26. jenny~ i've only recently started reading your blog, but i find it to be comforting and beautiful, like a visit with a close family member, and this is what your dolls convey as well, so i know that this particular doll will bring much love and healing to the children who are ready for her.

    i was just tagged for the first time, so i'm now tagging you if you wish to 7 little known facts about you and then tag 7 of your favorite bloggers in turn...and if you don't wish to play i still promise to visit!
    hugs, becky/birdie♥

  27. Hi Jen,a very sweet,and special doll! May the little hands that handle it be blessed,and find some peace and comfort from it.
    May you be blessed for your work...


  28. Wonderful work. Lucky doll that gets to help many special children, not just one.

  29. Dearest Jenny,
    Your doll is just lovely. As a mother to a beautiful 2 yr old little girl it breaks my heart to think there are children in the world that are abused. I'm sure your doll will reach out and comfort them.
    Take care & God bless

  30. This post gave me goosebumps all over, Jenny. It's an extraordinary doll, and I hope, no, I know, it will bring these children the warmth and comfort and safety they so much deserve.


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