6 Nov 2008

doll making in the sunshine

Plenty of lovely dolly making going on around here today.
I have lots of ideas and new colours I want to try but there are some custom order dolls to finish first.

I love Thursdays when I can just relax into my doll making and not have lots of housework to do first.
I have lots of lovely little knitted things to make after lunch for various dolls so I should be able to do some reading then.
My new books are still patiently waiting for me.

lovely bits and pieces

This weekend Stephen and Louis are running in the Triple Tops race near beautiful Sheffield.
We had a phone call from the local paper yesterday wanting to interview them and take some photos, not because they are elite athletes ( they aren't) but the paper are always looking for a cute local angle for their stories.
What fun.
Stephen and Louis are having a "photo shoot" today at lunch time.

I am also getting ready to have stall at the new craft market in Launceston.
It begins this Saturday but I am having my stall the following week.
I have been invited to a special showing before the first market so that will be fun.
The organiser of the market, Tameeka, is hoping to build it up to be a northern Tasmanian equivalent of Salamanca markets and I hope she is successful.

Andy has his first exam tomorrow and Kate has a violin exam on Saturday and then next Monday heads off for a three day camp.
This time of year is always so busy , we slowly come out of winter, stretch and start to feel the warmth of the sun and then just like my garden that starts to grow and change and feel more alive everyday, our days get busier.
Full and happy days, days spent at home in the garden or further afield enjoying this wonderful island.

Thoughts about preparations for Christmas are starting to pop into my head and the long summer holidays are only a few short weeks away.

Well, my coffee is finished and I have plenty to do.

new loaf

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  1. What fun it will be to have a newspaper article to share with friends and family! Looks like you have a lovely day ahead of you. I've been enjoying the new dollies in your shop. What a lucky child it will be, who gets one!!

  2. I so love looking at the pics of your dolls and the wonderful things you bake.

  3. Thursday tends to be my sewing day too. Partly because I attend a sewing circle group, and partly because like you, I have finished with the busiest part of my week.

    The picture of fabrics reminded me, my local quilt shop is having a sale ~ 40% of 1930's style fabrics that look like they might be just up your alley.
    Karen happily mails things to all over the place.

  4. Just come back from your neck of the woods. I love Tassie. Sheffied if I rememder is the town of murals. Your fabrics & buttons look very sweet, will keep my eye out for the final product. Good luck with the market.

  5. lovely :o)
    love the way you show you life in such a way - that I'd like to invite myself over :o)


  6. It's weird to think there's a Sheffield on the other side of the world! from Kirsty in Sheffield, England!

  7. Hi Jenny,
    How exciting that Stephen & Louis are having an article in the paper. Also it is wonderful that they have a common interest to share.
    My husband & son often go for a run together in the evening, a good bonding time.
    Best of luck with your stall

  8. I have just come to your blog via Eyes of Wonder,Lovely pictures and I love your dolls.......wish I could afford one, I used to collect dolls, but now I have retired I cannot afford to any more.


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