26 Nov 2008

Oh it was too hard to decide.

All your wonderful memories , such great reading.

In the end I chose Michelle as the grand winner and I decided to give a runner up prize to Christie, I'm not sure what the runner up prize will be but I'll think of something.

So Michelle and Christie if you could email me with your addresses I will get organised and post off your parcels.

Michelle said...

With 3 daughters my Mum was almost constantly on the sewing machine or knitting something for one of us.
Being the youngest of the 3 I ususally got the hand me downs so it was always a special thrill to get something that was made just for me.
One very special memory was getting a bride doll(remember them?) for my 5th birthday with a beautiful handmade white dress and a little knitted going away jacket. Oh how I treasured that doll.
My Mum also grew almost all our vegies and I can remember coming home from school to find her standing in the vegie patch with her colander under her arm deciding what to pick for that nights dinner.
Our house was always spotless and there was always fresh cakes and biccies waiting for us. I do often wonder how on earth she did all that she did, and at 73 she is still growing all her own veg and knitting, for her great grandchild now!!

Christy said...

How exciting to win a couple of beautiful books!! My mom is a wonderful homemaker. I have SO many wonderful childhood memories. Growing up, we only had homemade meals. Back then, we rarely ate out. We had a big hot breakfast every morning and a warm, healthy supper together every evening. I associate cold, rainy, or snowy weather with yummy foods, because these were the days my mom would spend all day baking and cooking in the kitchen.

As for sewing for us, Mom did that too. As I got older, I didn't really appreciate all of the matching dresses she made for my sister and I. But, as an adult, as I look back, I think of those clothes as more than a piece of clothing but as a token of her love. My FAVORITE thing she would sew for us was doll and barbie clothes. We were always the envy of all of our friends because we had SO many beautiful clothes for our dolls. This is something I've continued to do with my girls.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone else's memories as well!! How fun!!! ;)

Thanks again for taking the time to share your stories.

2 Responses to “ ”

  1. Congratulations you are both deserving winners.

    Thank you Jenny we are all winners being able to read such lovely memories at the start of the holiday season.


  2. OH WOW!! I am so excited to win this! Thank you so much. It was my 48th birthday yesterday so this is a wonderful birthday gift to receive.
    Thank you again :)


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