4 Nov 2008


Mum bought me this gorgeous little bunch of flowers yesterday.
So simple and so sweet, little Cecile Brunner rose buds and snow in summer.

Just what I needed yesterday as I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.
I really felt the need for solitude and peace and my happy house seemed so full with no place to hide.

Stephen is in the process of doing some work on the windows in our bedroom, stripping the 77 year old varnish off the window frames and replacing it with a nice to look at and nice to touch wood oil. These are the last windows in the house to be done and I'm hoping the walls will be painted next. Our poor bedroom has been waiting its turn for twenty years and it looks as though she will get her new colour and a spruce up. The work in the bedroom means the whole room is in disarray and my little escape , my private thinking spot isn't there for the moment.

Everyone is back to work and school today though I think Kate will find it difficult to get out of bed this morning.
I intend to spend some time today doing all the work around the house that didn't get done yesterday including giving my doll making area a good tidy.
Making things is messy.
I have a couple of dolls to post off to their new homes and I definitely need to put some fabric away.
I must have a very tolerant family to put up with this big messy area in the middle of the house. Wouldn't a studio ( or a spare bedroom ) be a wonderful thing but then I would miss out on so much by not being in the thick of things


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  1. Hi Jenny
    What a lovely posy of flowers. I know when my house is not in order I too feel overwhelmed. Not to worry I'm sure your bedroom is going to look lovely when it's finished. I have been reading lots of your older posts. Your dolls are just lovely. I have just finished a waldorf/steiner doll for my daughter for christmas. I just have to make some clothes now. I'm sure she will love it. She has just started to become interested in dolls. (she's 2&1/2).
    I got such enjoyment from making her.
    Take care & God bless

  2. I can empathise. A friend gave me some pink roses on the weekend and I am enjoying them so much. There will be much upheaval here this week with our family room floor being ripped up. I often think of crofts in Ireland, the many children and the happy family life in these little cosy cottages.

  3. Those are beautiful flowers!
    I know how you feel. Sometimes I just need a quiet place to sort my brain , calm it down and remember why I do what I do, and that I'm just too worked up about everything.
    All the best!
    PS: Did you get my e-mail about the Natural Kids store?

  4. Your Mummy has great taste in flowers. I agree that being in the thick of things when your children are young is the best but not so keen on the teenage years.LOL I hope your bedroom turns out to be all you wish for. Cherrie

  5. ahh, what would my girlies think if there was not fabric hanging from their easel and the iron permanently stationed in the corner of the dining room.

    for that reason, had to go out and buy a kitchen table. maybe one day a sewing room....

  6. Hi Jenny,

    Just yesterday, I commented on Rhonda Jean's blog about how I would love to have a sewing/crafts room... but there is a certain charm in using our one table for anything from eating to ironing to writing to sewing. :o)

    Enjoy your bedroom once it's done! I'm sure the results will be all worth it.

  7. Jenny,
    I have given you an award, pop along to my blog and have a look.
    Pink roses are my favorite. Good luck with all the repairs.

  8. Hi Jen,such a lovely bunch of flowers,and so sweeet of your dear Mum to think of you. I think our Moms sense when we need a pick me up.The new little doll in your last post is very cute,and so reminds me of Anne from Anne of Green Gables.Which I am reading at this time.It's such a lovely story and I am very much enjoying it.Thanks for sharing your sweet flowers ....


  9. Gorgeous flowers...thanks for sharing!! Fall is here now with its vibrant colors...you remind me of spring again!!

  10. Hi Jenny
    What a lovely treat from your Mum. With your creative talents you will soon have your bedroom looking calm & inviting, just the place to gather your thoughts.

  11. What a pretty bouquet...so delicate and sweet. Enjoy them and all their glory!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  12. lovely flowers! I hope that your retreat is back to normal now.
    hope you are having a lovely week.

  13. I just saw your Diana doll, she is adorable. You are very creative.


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