5 Nov 2008


Look what finally arrived in the post.
I have to go out for lunch, I'm such a gad-about, so exploring these books will have to wait till later.
I have been wanting the Veronika Van Duin book for such a long time.
The Josephine Moffett Benton book is a more recent discovery.

That wonderful postman seems to deliver nothing but goodness lately.
I wonder who is getting all the bills?
After last weeks blessings yesterday another unexpected parcel arrived.
This time from dear Jayne, in Canada.
She and I have many things in common one of them being a love of Tasha Tudor's beautiful illustrations.


The illustrations in this little version of the Lord's Prayer are achingly beautiful , so much detail and yet so much simplicity.
One day I'll share some of the pictures with you but now I have to dash.
It's the annual Mother's Lunch for Kate's class at school, yum.

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  1. Oh lucky you to be receiving all those wonderful books in the mail! I'm going to look for "Hen's Pace" too. I'm a fan of Tasha Tudor and know what gorgeousness is in that Lord's Prayer book. Yes, you're blessed.


  2. I've given you an award, please come pick it up! And sign up for my give away!

  3. Your new books do look interesting, I ordered a Tasha Tudor book from our library after reading about it on your blog. Such special pictures. Hope you had a lovely lunch.

  4. I know you'll love these books, Jenny. They've really helped me to consolidate my thoughts on the importance of homemaking.

  5. What a nice idea to have a *Mother's Lunch*
    And it will be so nice to come home, anticipating a good read. I absolutely love anything about Tasha Tudor. She was just inspirational in so many ways...
    Hope you had a lovely lunch!

  6. Tasha Tutor is a recent discovery of mine- where have I been? I recently purchased 'A child's garden of verses' for my children...but really for myself! Just beautiful. You will enjoy the Lord's prayer.

  7. When you finish, would you post what you thought of the Van Duin (sp?) book.

    It looks quite good.


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